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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by Deborah D. on 8/31/03

    Don't have time to get off on tangent research as tantalizing as it
    may be, but my exposure to chlordane also caused me to have
    hypoglycemic reactions. Had no idea what was going on at the time,
    pretty scary, also had systemic yeast infection; could drink a cola or
    seven-up and feel drunk. Went through being ridiculed for some time,
    but I knew something external had caused these problems and persisted
    in my research when doctors were of no help. So glad I didn't hand
    myself over to them.
    Thanks to that nameless researcher in Lubbock who confirmed my own
    Big kisses and hugs, but for you I'd literally be chopped liver.

    Check out this book by Richard Brodie, "Virus of the Mind". He
    designed microsoft word program. Will help to understand 'suppression
    bias' and just how ideas and thoughts evolve.

    On 8/30/03, ff wrote:
    > On 8/30/03, liz wrote:
    > Possibly my message was misleading? I'm not talking about chemical
    > structure as you suggest. I AM talking about your subject.
    > Triazoles can penetrate the blood brain barrier. IN and of
    > themsleves, they are toxic. HOWEVER, pentration is facilitated by
    > of the enhancement capabilities (enhanced cell permeability). For
    > example, some triazoles are readily absorbed by teflon, glass, cell
    > membrane, etc. Triazoles screw up the function of the blood brain
    > barrier (they open it up), and once that happens, God only knows
    > passes through, such as the toxic chemicals you are conerned with
    > Look it up.
    > ff
    >> I think you have the wrong end of the stick ff. I'm not taling
    > about cellular structure of chemicals but the mechanism in the brain
    > to filter chemical substances, especially toxic, from entering the
    > body too quickly.

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