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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by liz on 9/07/03

    Thanks for your response Jenny. I agree! I doubt William Pall will answr anyletter I send but I think I will send him a thank you note for his research efforts. The neurologists I've seen were arrogant, uneducated(about mcs) jerks but I wish I could ask them if thy had tools(MRI's etc)that could tell if the blood-brain barrier is damaged. The neuros I saw said my insurace wouldn't pay for PET or Spect so insurance is factor too. I just keep thinking how hard itwas for them to diagnose alzheimers in young people(eg 40 yrs) because their lack of whatever. Something about only being able to see damage upon cutting brain open after death. > Also, I can handle my MCS syptoms more than I can handle the ridicule from people(If I get one more smirk..) and feeling like I'm the only one trying to educate everyone(family to strangers that hurt me to doctor to news people). Its the old saying, "there's none so deaf as those that don't want to hear". People are now proud of putting up non-smoking signs(yet still not educated that its anything more than tobacco) but its because doctors and government authority figures influence people. Many public health researcher, EPA researchers(indoor air and pesticides), Harvard's Brigham Women's Hospital(frag free!)believe us but they seem to be hidding. I think we can't do it with authority figures standing up and speaking out for us. It helped a little bit in Nova Scotia-important politians helped. MCS was diagnosed fifty years ago...was the anti smoking movement better organized or was the AMA the driving force?

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