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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by Pat on 9/12/03

    His name is Martin Pall, a WSU Biochemist who is very intelligent.
    I have often corresponded with him. He is such a nice guy!

    His phone number is 509-335-1246, and his email address is

    Pall's theory is a fusion of two prior theories: The theory of
    neural sensitization and his own theory that NO/and its oxidant
    product induce MCS when elevated in the body. Neural
    sensitization, Pall explains, says "that the synapses in the
    brain, the connections between nerve cells by which one nerve cell
    stimulates (or in some cases inhibits) another become
    hypersensitive in MCS. This neural sensitization theory is
    supported by observations that many of the symptoms of MCS relate
    directly to brain function and that a number of studies have shown
    that scans of the brains of MCS people, performed by techniques
    known as PET scanning or SPECT scanning are abnormal. There is
    also evidence that electrical activity in the brains of MCS
    people, measured by EEG's, is also abnormal. Neural sensitization
    is produced by a mechanism known as long term potentiation, a
    mechanism that has a role in learning and memory. Long term
    potentiation produces neural sensitization but in the normal
    nervous system, it does so very selectively - increasing the
    sensitivity of certain selected synapses. In MCS, it may be
    suggested, that a widespread sensitization may be involved that is
    somehow triggered by chemical or pesticide exposure." ~ Taken from

    I have included Pall's theory, plus the evidence for it in a
    recent paper I wrote, which is currently being reviewed by
    Nicholas Ashford.

    Pall's essay (linked to above) discusses the blood-brain barrier
    and its relationship to MCS.

    As was the case nearly a decade ago, there is just too much
    evidence for honest, objective skepticism to remain. "Skepticism"
    remains for reasons other than objectivity.

    ~ Pat

    On 9/06/03, jenny wrote:
    > Yes--there is research even done by someone in washington
    > state who claims something very similar to this, including
    > increases of NO--nitric oxide. My sister is a medical student
    > at mayo and she is trying to get more information on this, and
    > plans to contact this professor or try to start a research
    > program regarding this, since there are no resources for people
    > with this condition. In the mean time, we need to educate
    > others about mcs, because I find it appalling that this stupid
    > society believes it's psychogenic. So far they also believed
    > fibro, cfs, asthma, and ms were psychogenic. Well they need to
    > learn from their mistakes --- it's unfair that people with mcs
    > have to suffer like this with no hope and no solution...

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