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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by jo on 9/18/03

    Research is sorely needed, particularly now that the progression
    from MCS into diabetes is becoming more noticeable. I received a
    quadruple whammy to build up my NO stocks: 3 months premature (NO
    treated), DDT every night in my musquito net for a whole year,
    Agricultural sprays over the 8000 acres around our home, and
    twenty years of two packs of cigarets a day smoked where I grew
    up (not by me). No wonder I have gone 'funny'. Unexplained
    urticaria for six years (severe vasodilation) with a liberal
    prescription over those six years of twice daily Terfenadin (now
    a banned substance), which 'may' damage the pancreas. What a
    cocktail. No wonder I developed diabetes without genetic reasons
    and never having been overweight. Even my daily exercise during
    my entire life could not prevent that.
    Let there be some research into a 'cure', or at least an
    alleviation of the debilitating symptoms of MCS.

    On 9/06/03, jenny wrote:
    > Yes--there is research even done by someone in washington
    > state who claims something very similar to this, including
    > increases of NO--nitric oxide. My sister is a medical student
    > at mayo and she is trying to get more information on this, and
    > plans to contact this professor or try to start a research
    > program regarding this, since there are no resources for people
    > with this condition. In the mean time, we need to educate
    > others about mcs, because I find it appalling that this stupid
    > society believes it's psychogenic. So far they also believed
    > fibro, cfs, asthma, and ms were psychogenic. Well they need to
    > learn from their mistakes --- it's unfair that people with mcs
    > have to suffer like this with no hope and no solution...

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