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    Posted by Deborah D. on 10/30/03

    Sorry only Kay responded, but she is correct. See if you can
    get media coverage, doubtful, but try anyway. Contact all your
    politicos. Exposing them is all you can do and hope for the
    Many others have been through it and we must just be greatful
    to be alive. Imagine all those who died of 'mysterious'
    ailments or misdiagnoses and cannot post here or any where else.
    Good luck to you.
    If we could manage to band together, get a lobbyist, media
    coverage, maybe then we could get some results, but Mary posted
    something by US chamber of commerce that seems to show
    insurance industry has gotten upperhand here. We have become
    'collateral damage' or acceptable casualties in an economic war.

    On 10/12/03, Kay wrote:
    > Hope this post is not too late.
    > What you described is business as usual in WA state.
    > L&I is pretty corrupt. At one time there was a groups in
    > Tacoma that was working for fair treatment from L&I.
    > To understand your power in this situation - Boeing,
    > Weyerhauser and others do not want to have to pay the workers
    > they have poisoned.
    > I know a person who also was required to repay all
    > compensation - they attached her house and furniture.
    > She sought exception (something allowed in the law) but
    > Weyerhauser fought it because she was an activist. They said
    > they did not want to reward an activist and the judge agreed
    > with Weyerhauser.
    > Get a lawyer to see if you can get out of repayment but know
    > that they system is corrupt.

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