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    Posted by Richard on 9/28/03

    my wife was diagnosed with Allergie Rinositised with
    Multiple chimical Sensitivities (MCS) (also call
    Enviromental Illness, Idiopathic Enviromental Illness) nine
    years ago, the problem was very basic and easily
    controlled, the doctor notifying her employer and
    recommended some simple environmental changes that could
    prevent her condition from getting worse, they didn't
    respond to the doctors letter at all, over the past nine
    years my wife has repeatedly ask for help, the school
    district that she worked for has done nothing, she has
    tried everything, prescriptions, garlic in her nose,
    wearing a mask, ect.
    she is now at the point where she can only be in the
    building for a few minutes, if we go out for dinner we eat
    at 330 in the afternoon before the restaurant gets busy,
    instead of going to the movie at 7 in the evening like we
    used to, we now go at 12:30 noon on a workday, and
    sometimes we still have to get up and leave, I'm sure that
    you are familiar with the many other changes that we have
    had to make, all because her employer refused to make
    acceptable working connections for her. the past two years
    have been the worst, coming home sick and crying, trying to
    recuperate for the next day's work, the past few months
    some days she could only work for three or four hours,
    before she had to leave the building.
    we lived in Washington state, my question is, in this state
    are there any rules that you are aware of, that could help
    my wife's situation. she has not worked at all for the past
    six months, her situation will not improve. at home she
    gets better because of all of things we have done to keep
    the house clean, fifteen minutes in a public building, and
    all the symptoms are back.
    the doctor's letter nine years ago described exactly what
    would happen if precautions were not observe, over the
    years, we now know he was correct in every detail. we
    appreciate any suggestions you can offer,
    about two months ago my wife went to the L and I Dr. that
    they told us to go to, his report describes her situation
    very well, it says do not let anyone tell you your problem
    is in your head, it is real, I only wish that my profession
    could do something to help you and others that suffer from
    this problem.he went on and imput some of the other doctors
    reports. overall we thought it was a good and accurate
    report until we read the very last line, "she has no
    disability" two months ago they stopped her
    compensation,prescription, and said they wanted her to
    return the (money) compensation they had already sent to
    her. if anyone is aware of a similar situation perhaps in
    some way we could help each other, we would appreciate
    hearing from you.

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