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    Re: MCS and Mold (2nd reply to Judi)

    Posted by Caoimhín P. Connell on 1/03/04

    Hello Judi:

    I am not a biblical scholar, and would not be competent to
    present myself as such; neither would such a discussion be
    within the scope of this forum. However, within the context
    of the mold discussion, I suppose it would be germane,
    although esoteric. So…

    For those who are not aware, the book of Leviticus is
    essentially a legislative set of directions of the Torah by
    which the Israelites were (are) to achieve and maintain
    holiness; thus it contains the Code of Holiness. The section
    wherein the reference to the red and green spots appears
    deals almost exclusively with “legal purity.”

    One may get a better idea of what Leviticus is telling us in
    the cited passage by first reading Leviticus Chapters 17
    through 26, “The Code of Legal Holiness.” In light of the
    Code of Legal Holiness, we can see that the purification
    mentioned in the text on red and green spots is much more a
    spiritual cleansing as is evidenced by the objective of the
    infestation, which is presented very clearly in Lev 14:34.
    The text makes it very clear that the “greenish or reddish
    spots” are no accident of nature but have very purposefully
    been placed there by Y**** . Since the manifestation is
    Divine, the substance of the manifestation may not (or may)
    have any bearing on the material world of Man, then or now.
    That is, the “greenish or reddish spots” are not a result of
    a wet or dirty environment, they are the result of a person’s
    spirit made unclean via disobedience. What are the spots?
    They may not be of a substance known to man, neither may they
    be knowable, they are Divine. Are they mold? Certainly not,
    for mold would not be consistent with either the intent of
    the text nor the statements in the text.

    The Bible, like Shakespeare, is most often misquoted or
    misunderstood when sections are taken out of context. Such
    as “guilding the lilly” (which Shakespeare never wrote), and
    the infamous words by Dick the Butcher in Henry VI: “The
    first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.” This is
    often misused to indicate Shakespeare’s contempt for lawyers;
    the opposite is actually the case. Dick and his buddies are
    the senseless rabble who view education and the educated as a
    threat; the lawyers are the educated population that help
    maintain social order. Shakespeare’s views are pertinent
    here since his contempt was for the uneducated mob and his
    acknowledgement of the fickle nature of the ignorant masses
    who can be persuaded to swallow up any remedy offered by a
    snake-oil salesman.

    The “Dick the Butchers” are very evident on this board as
    they have hurled abuse and invectives at those who bring hard
    science and reality into areas (molds, health and MCS) they
    would prefer to see as cloudy and ambiguous. For therein lies
    their prey – the vulnerable masses, once educated in the
    realities of mold and MCS, would be empowered by the
    knowledge and realize they don’t need the “toxic mold”
    peddler’s snake-oil any longer… Poof! Loss of easy income!

    Just my thoughts, of course, Judi. But what do I know; heck,
    I think rain is wet. I could be completely wrong.

    Caoimhín P. Connell

    (The opinions expressed here are exclusively my
    personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my
    professional opinion, opinion of my employer, peers, or
    professional affiliates. The above post is for information
    only and does not reflect professional advice and is not
    intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)


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