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    Re: MCS and Mold (reply ) Connell

    Posted by Educated Friend on 1/03/04

    On 1/03/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    > Hello Judi:
    neither would such a discussion be
    within the scope of this forum

    With the above being your own words might it not be wise for
    you; unless asked to stick to the area that is within your
    expertise which is that of an Industrial Hygiene or otherwise
    known as an IH For those who do not know this is a person who
    measures with specific equipment the content of the air in a
    specific space this does not give you by training the ability
    to discuss Bacteria or discern what disease processes can occur
    from an exposure of a toxic substance It also does not give you
    the ability to decide whether or not the disease process is
    Mental of physical or a combination of both of those exposures
    to a know entity.
    Thus for you to mislead an individual who may be suffering from
    an exposure and or a disease process is very unprofessional and
    at the very least is bad form ; It is obvious the person came
    seeking educated answers and to give her misleading and
    inappropiate responses is not professional to say the least it
    also does not reflect on others in your profession when one of
    their number decides to act as if he has not a brain as they
    say in the Wizard of Oz and reflects on those who are educated
    and trained as IH's and makes the group all appear to fall into
    the same class
    I as well as others would prefer that if you can not keep your
    responses at least on a professional, kind level then take the
    response to the individual on a private basis

    As I have always told my children and others if you can not be
    polite; professional and educated in your response ( with the
    appropiate educational citations ) then it is probably better
    that you not say anything at all thus ensuring your lack of
    knowledge is kept to yourself and not shown to the group
    (there are other ways to say that but I am being polite ) ;
    with that to put it another way children should always play
    nicely in the sandbox no matter what their age and keep unkind
    remarks to themselves !

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