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    Re: MCS and Mold

    Posted by judi on 1/03/04

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your opinions on chemical sensitivity and mold. I thought
    there was a connection from my own experience of learning that I was
    "allergic" to many ingredients in popular shampoos. This was a year
    before I learned that my house was infested with molds in the wall
    cavities. I am just tying to sort through all the information out there at
    this point. Anyway, I was shocked to learn that I had been shampooing
    with engine degreaser and anti-freeze (actual common ingredients in
    shampoos known as propylene glcol and sodium laurel sulfate). So I
    had switched over all personal and cleaning products to that found at
    health food stores. And I see that there are some very strong opinions
    on mold as well. Thx. for the info. Judi

    On 1/02/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    > Judi,
    > Call Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. He has patients who are suffering
    > from "toxic mold" and chemical sensitivities. He and Dr. Ken
    > Hudnell (neurotoxicologist) have really set the bar high for
    > others. They actually get people well again. Dr. Shoemaker
    > has
    > just found a diagnosis covered by most insurance companies
    > that
    > has to do with lung function that seems to affict ones
    > suffering
    > from toxic mold exposure. He has also found an interesting
    > treatment protocol for chronic fatique syndrome that is
    > usually
    > associated with toxic mold and chemical sensitivities. He is
    > so
    > busy it take at least 4 weeks to get an appointment.
    > Caoimhin has his theories and the the rest of the world has
    > other
    > theories. He is correct about mold mycotoxins being an issue
    > for
    > ingesting high quantities of moldy foods. His web page is a
    > good
    > listing of the "it ain't mold" studies. His page has some
    > major
    > ommisions that he may have missed while doing the tireless
    > Pubmed
    > searches or even worse, he actually goes to the library
    > (probably
    > a university library)and reads the periodic journals for
    > scientific citations. The latter is something many have
    > forgotten or no longer try to do.
    > His statement about a "disfunctional psychological component"
    > is
    > an unfair assault on the mental state of people who claim to
    > suffer sensitivities many chemical they smell but can not
    > identify. While odors seem to trigger complaints, I have
    > noticed
    > that aldehydes (natural and manmade) and chlorinated solvents
    > seem to really get the "chemicall sensitive" going. I use the
    > teerm "chemically sensitive" because I think Caoimhin is
    > correct
    > about MCS being a term that is too vague.
    > Mold can be very toxic if the right type is growing in the
    > right
    > environment. The more wet the potentially toxic mold gets,
    > the
    > higher the mycotoxin production. Mold is a very complex life
    > form
    > and many "experts" do not have the knowledge to adequately
    > assess
    > the situation.
    > Caoimhin's big hang-up seems to be warning us about
    > the "charlatans". They do exist and spotting them is easy.
    > Ask
    > for references for statements that appear to be based on
    > science
    > if services are rendered. Ask for a professional insurance
    > policy certificate (or Errors and Ommisions insurance policy)
    > with specific language for environmental investigations that
    > include microbial problems. Certifications are only
    > meaningful is
    > they can produce this insurance policy certificate. You would
    > be
    > surprised at how few of the "alleged" experts have the
    > insurance.
    > I hope this helps you,
    > Greg Weatherman
    > ****************************************************
    > On 12/31/03, judi wrote:
    >> I am looking at the research between MCS, toxic mold, and
    > the
    >> liver. Thanks in advance for any help.

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