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    Re: MCS and Mold

    Posted by Angie on 10/11/04

    Well Deano,

    It all depends on what type of mold your exposed to. Studies have shown
    that some people are genetically predisposed to having a severe response
    to mold exposure; some are not. It also can be worse for you if you are
    allergic or your immune system is compromised from a previous illness.
    Many, many factors determine if you will have a reaction or not. Just
    because you did not become seriously ill, does not mean that someone else
    could not be made ill by their exposure. I personally was exposed to
    stachybotrus, apergillus, and penicillium-like. My family of 4 was
    completely healthy prior to exposure. We were unknowingly exposed for
    almost 2 years to large counts of airborne spores. We all 4 became
    chronically ill. Once we moved from the house, our symptoms improved
    greatly. Many went away all together, but we did experience some
    permanent damage due to the levels and length of exposure. 2 of the 4 of
    us have no allergies. We were skin and blood tested 2 times to make
    sure. We have no allergies to mold or any other airborne allergens in
    our environment. Our reaction was not allergic, it was toxic!

    I was completely skeptical for a long time and stayed in that house. All
    that did was caused us more pain and suffering. I am a logical person.
    I don't fall victim to believing everything I hear. I didn't want to
    abandon my home and believe that it was the mold doing this. Once we
    moved out and our symptoms improved though, I couldn't ignore the proof
    anymore. My family was the living proof I needed. I couldn't afford to
    continue to ignore the signs or my family could have died. I had
    developed hypersensitivity pneumonitis and was bed-ridden with pneumonia
    like symptoms for 2 whole months. My children both suffered severe
    asthma attacks that were uncontrollable. They did not have asthma prior
    to exposure. Now out of the house, their asthma is completely
    controlled. What other proof do you need? Your post asked that person
    to move into a moldy home and then report back. I did just that. Now
    I'm reporting the results. Proof positive! I AM A EXPERT! Who is an
    expert? An expert is someone that has experience in something. Those that
    have experienced mold related illness first hand are the experts we
    should be asking questions about this! Doctors and scientists don't know
    anything about it unless they are victims themselves, or they are given a
    reason to research it thoroughly. Few of them actually act upon this
    unless it directly effects them. Since when has our society become so
    calloused that we tell someone who has experienced a life altering trauma
    that they are crazy and don't know what they're talking about. Why do we
    victimize victims, just because of our ignorance. We should be
    supporting victims and using their experiences to educate others about
    what we do not understand. Just because we don't understand it, does not
    mean it doesn't happen. The existence of most diseases throughout history
    were doubted at one point or another. Those patients were misunderstood
    or skeptics didn't believe them at first. That didn't mean they didn't
    exist. As scientific proof was found and scientists and physicians
    educated themselves about the disease, knowledge grew, along with public
    awareness. This knowledge then validated and liberated these poor
    patience. Such is so with mold victims.

    Mark my words. In a few more years, you skeptics (if you have a heart,)
    will feel horrible about how you suppressed those poor victims and
    minimized their complaints. Critics are part of the problem that
    prevents victims from being able to move on and get better.

    By the way, Deano, I'm very glad that you were not effected worse. You
    are very blessed. I mean that. I'm not being sarcastic. I'm directing
    my above comments to the strong critics out there that have posted in
    regards to our situation.

    On 5/25/04, Deano wrote:
    > "What we need are fewer so-called experts and more funds for good
    > studies so that the experts can learn what the mold victims already
    > know. And there are many studies out there already to support what
    > we mold victims have experienced."
    > There are plenty of studies complete and underway. None, to my
    > knowledge, support the theory that mold exposure causes anything
    > greater than acute allergic responses. If you have some citations,
    > please share them. Massive exposures to mold through contaminated food
    > and/or agricultural exposure have been demonstrated in a vanishingly
    > small number of cases. Your reference to "good studies" seems to
    > include those that support your preconceived notions of cause and
    > effect. You may very well be suffering from serious medical
    > conditions, however your efforts to pin this upon exposure to "toxic
    > mold" are misguided, and will likely prevent you from learning the true
    > cause.
    > "I tell you what. Find a home full of mold, buy it, live in it for a
    > few years and then return to this site and let us know how you are
    > doing."
    > I have been exposed to mold for my entire life, as have we all. In
    > addition, my home has had chronic moisture issues over the past two
    > years. For my allergies, I take Claritan. My family and I are doing
    > fine, thank you.

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