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    Re: MCS and Mold

    Posted by judi on 4/18/04

    What a great idea and response. I am sure old CC would change his mind
    real fast once he had seeping rashes all over his face, and multiple infections
    from a broken down immune system, that had already been compromised by
    an illness. I think old CC has a dysfuntional psychological component. Glad
    there have been a few signs of intelligent life on this board after all.

    On 4/17/04, Susan wrote:
    >>> On 1/01/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    >>>> Good morning, Judi:
    >>>> Perhaps you could be a little more specific. MCS is
    >>>> generally recognized as a condition consisting of primarily a
    >>>> dysfunctional psychological component. “Toxic mold
    >>>> is a term that was invented by the news media, and it is not
    >>>> a term that has any scientific validity and there is no such
    >>>> thing as a “toxic mold.”
    >>>> I provide scores of references in my discussion on molds
    >>>> which you may find useful. The discussion is at
    >>>> and I have provided a
    >>>> link to the page below.
    >>>> Cheers,
    >>>> Caoimhín P. Connell
    > Dear CC:
    > Oh, my. Perhaps if you ever have the poor luck to be exposed to
    > toxic mold and feel the changes in your body as I have (not even
    > having heard about it in the media at that point), you will be less
    > likely to believe the hallowed references you might now cite.
    > The problem is that mold DOES cause, in some people, terrible
    > health effects. In me, and forty co-workers, it caused sinus and
    > lung problems (permanent lung damage in me - that can be measured),
    > severe breathing problems in the presence of the mold and afterward
    > with environmental triggers that are entirely new to me, such as
    > chemicals. Chemicals also nauseate me that never bothered me
    > before - and make me very dizzy. This has destroyed my teaching
    > career. The woman who worked in my exact room before me also has
    > similar damage as well as nerve damage that led to a Parkinson-like
    > illness.
    > What we need are fewer so-called experts and more funds for good
    > studies so that the experts can learn what the mold victims already
    > know. And there are many studies out there already to support what
    > we mold victims have experienced.
    > I tell you what. Find a home full of mold, buy it, live in it for a
    > few years and then return to this site and let us know how you are
    > doing.

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