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    Re: MCS and Mold

    Posted by dd on 5/25/04

    Well, here are a couple right off the top of my head;,Leviticus
    14:45,Leviticus 13:47-50,Leviticus 11:47,

    Don't mention it. And glad to know that you and your family seem to be
    resistant to it. Hope that never changes or that you get exposed to types
    that are extremely toxic.
    On 5/25/04, Deano wrote:
    > "What we need are fewer so-called experts and more funds for good
    > studies so that the experts can learn what the mold victims already
    > know. And there are many studies out there already to support what
    > we mold victims have experienced."
    > There are plenty of studies complete and underway. None, to my
    > knowledge, support the theory that mold exposure causes anything
    > greater than acute allergic responses. If you have some citations,
    > please share them. Massive exposures to mold through contaminated food
    > and/or agricultural exposure have been demonstrated in a vanishingly
    > small number of cases. Your reference to "good studies" seems to
    > include those that support your preconceived notions of cause and
    > effect. You may very well be suffering from serious medical
    > conditions, however your efforts to pin this upon exposure to "toxic
    > mold" are misguided, and will likely prevent you from learning the true
    > cause.
    > "I tell you what. Find a home full of mold, buy it, live in it for a
    > few years and then return to this site and let us know how you are
    > doing."
    > I have been exposed to mold for my entire life, as have we all. In
    > addition, my home has had chronic moisture issues over the past two
    > years. For my allergies, I take Claritan. My family and I are doing
    > fine, thank you.

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