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    Post: Still waiting for direct answers, Caoimhin

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 1/06/04


    I am still waiting for direct answers.

    1) You stated in a post that you have designed a sampling
    strategy or method for microbial sampling that is now used
    by other nationwide. Could you tell us the method or

    2) I have read that "immune compromised individuals"
    should be removed from the premises in environments -
    especially if they have problems with the liver. I recall
    reading this in "Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control
    (1999). I remember it cited several times in the book. Is
    the American Conference of Governmental Industrial
    Hygienists ( wrong in this situation for a
    person like the woman who posted? Why?

    3) How can you have statistical certainty or "95%
    confidence" for mold when there are over 200 species each
    of Penicillium and Aspergillus? This is especially amazing
    when you consider these two genuses (Sp?) are the second
    and third most common types of mold genus to exist in most
    air samples taken just about anywhere in America if the
    samples are cultured for identification (B. Shelton).

    4) How can you claim outdoor air has no impact on a closed
    building? In the mixed climates and the humid climates,
    there is a period of time when there is indoor/outdor
    temperature equalibrium and the HVAC system does not run
    since it is controled by a thermostat in the center of the
    home. Consequently, their is no moisture control
    (humidity) and houses can develop negative air pressure
    because of the constant positive air pressure created by
    natural crosswinds (10 MPH minimum). This means microbes
    are pulled into the home. Unless you know of home built
    tight enough to keep this from happening, how can you claim
    the outside and inside don't realte for a closed building.
    Is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-
    conditioning Engineers ( wrong and you are
    the only person in the world who can prove otherwise? Is
    this not akin to chasing unicorns?

    These are just some of the questions I have for you, Mister
    Professional. Enquiring minds want to know.

    Warmest Regards,

    Greg Weatherman
    The Woodshed Operator for the Socially Challenged

    p.s. You can pretend you don't read my rare postings. I
    have lost count how many times you have bleated about the
    Price, Ahearn study I cited on Toxlaw a year ago. There
    are many people who read this website, the IAQ List and
    other chatrooms concerning mold in particular.

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