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    Post: Re:Caoimhin A MUST KNOW

    Posted by Fed up with the Caoimhin's of the world on 1/07/04

    I have spent the last six months searching the internet
    (and other sources)to gain information on "toxic mold". I
    have encountered several chat boards that address "toxic
    mold". It seems Mr. Connell thinks it is his own
    personnel mission to argue with anyone on the Internet
    that believes in "toxic mold". I have found him on
    several sites and each time he is saying that "we" are all
    wrong and he is right. I question someone's motives (and
    hidden agenda) who goes to such great lenghts.
    Also, he must be an outcast in his own profession because
    in September 2003, Industrial Hygentist's in the U.S.
    ackowledged the existent of "toxic mold" and adopted
    guidelines to deal with it.

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