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    Re: Re:Caoimhin A MUST KNOW

    Posted by john codie on 1/08/04

    The membership that gives him credibility has been trying to
    get him to conform to the guidelines that the EPA, New York
    Department Of Health has recommended for ripout. He has
    already gone on record in public form with informing his
    memberships president how wrong they all are, and that mold
    is not a problem, and should not be ripped out. I don't know
    if you could call him an outcast since he is in a world of
    his own, but since he has no independent degrees with his
    name on them, sheep skins; he depends upon his associations
    to groups to justify what he sees as his credentials. Who
    awarded the man his credentials? They are figments in his
    own imagination. Most all hollywood actors are gifted in
    protraying their characters as a deeply religious man or
    women can protray, a druken salior, or halot of the night.
    We understand it is their job, and their job is to
    entertain. Same is true for Caoimhin, he is an actor, or
    clown as he protrays his character as this great scientist or
    wonderful knowledge. He can probably come across in the
    field as superman. His problem he never picked up the tools,
    nor the skills to put 2 plus 2 together to come up with
    four. He might be able to work some problems in statistics
    but we all know that that math can be manipulated by either
    including data, or excluding data to skew the precived
    problem, or conditions. Look real close to see if his IH
    degree if there is one is certifed by the state of Colorado
    to be practicing what he is preaching on the internet. I
    believe that is why he is working for a converted scientist
    that recently became a member of the American Board of
    Toxicology. As much as we have found the man in error
    concerning his other preceived areas of expertise, and he
    still desparatly needs to validate his character on this
    board. I have a diagnosis of his condition. It is called
    the Joe Newman Conolly syndrome. Do a public seach of Joe
    Newman, and you can see the similar traits in the actor gone

    On 1/07/04, Fed up with the Caoimhin's of the world wrote:
    > I have spent the last six months searching the internet
    > (and other sources)to gain information on "toxic mold". I
    > have encountered several chat boards that address "toxic
    > mold". It seems Mr. Connell thinks it is his own
    > personnel mission to argue with anyone on the Internet
    > that believes in "toxic mold". I have found him on
    > several sites and each time he is saying that "we" are all
    > wrong and he is right. I question someone's motives (and
    > hidden agenda) who goes to such great lenghts.
    > Also, he must be an outcast in his own profession because
    > in September 2003, Industrial Hygentist's in the U.S.
    > ackowledged the existent of "toxic mold" and adopted
    > guidelines to deal with it.

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