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    Re: Re:Caoimhin A MUST KNOW hey FUWTCOTW

    Posted by johncodie on 1/08/04

    I already posted the mans public broadcast to the Industrail
    Hygintist President of his organization as he is so dependent
    upon, that won't support his posiiton about how he was right
    and he won't be influenced by their pressure to conform. How
    they have wrongly interpreted the ripout guide lines on mold
    contaminated building materials. If you can't remember three
    months in this board, you just need to leave because you just
    not being effective listeners, your just spreading your agenda.

    Best Regards Mary: Try some of those metobolite memory
    boosting pills. I keep mine fresh using new and used honey due

    On 1/07/04, mary wrote:
    > Hey FUWTCOTW:
    > Can explain this a little more? A reference perhaps?
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 1/07/04, Fed up with the Caoimhin's of the world wrote:
    >> Also, he must be an outcast in his own profession because
    >> in September 2003, Industrial Hygentist's in the U.S.
    >> ackowledged the existent of "toxic mold" and adopted
    >> guidelines to deal with it.

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