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    Re: Caoimhin: An issue and an audience = opportunity

    Posted by johncodie on 1/08/04

    It really is this simple Frank.

    How many scientist do you know that have ever been able to give a
    press release that has'nt previously been cleared by the employer?

    On 1/08/04, ff wrote:
    > johncodie:
    > It is probably that simple. I doubt that right or wrong, good
    > science or bad science matters. Taking a position in a
    > controversial issue which offers an audience, best explains
    > what is seen here.
    > ff
    > On 1/08/04, john codie wrote:
    >> The membership that gives him credibility has been trying to
    >> get him to conform to the guidelines that the EPA, New York
    >> Department Of Health has recommended for ripout. He has
    >> already gone on record in public form with informing his
    >> memberships president how wrong they all are, and that mold
    >> is not a problem, and should not be ripped out. I don't
    > know
    >> if you could call him an outcast since he is in a world of
    >> his own, but since he has no independent degrees with his
    >> name on them, sheep skins; he depends upon his associations
    >> to groups to justify what he sees as his credentials. Who
    >> awarded the man his credentials? They are figments in his
    >> own imagination. Most all hollywood actors are gifted in
    >> protraying their characters as a deeply religious man or
    >> women can protray, a druken salior, or halot of the night.
    >> We understand it is their job, and their job is to
    >> entertain. Same is true for Caoimhin, he is an actor, or
    >> clown as he protrays his character as this great scientist
    > or
    >> wonderful knowledge. He can probably come across in the
    >> field as superman. His problem he never picked up the
    > tools,
    >> nor the skills to put 2 plus 2 together to come up with
    >> four. He might be able to work some problems in statistics
    >> but we all know that that math can be manipulated by either
    >> including data, or excluding data to skew the precived
    >> problem, or conditions. Look real close to see if his IH
    >> degree if there is one is certifed by the state of Colorado
    >> to be practicing what he is preaching on the internet. I
    >> believe that is why he is working for a converted scientist
    >> that recently became a member of the American Board of
    >> Toxicology. As much as we have found the man in error
    >> concerning his other preceived areas of expertise, and he
    >> still desparatly needs to validate his character on this
    >> board. I have a diagnosis of his condition. It is called
    >> the Joe Newman Conolly syndrome. Do a public seach of Joe
    >> Newman, and you can see the similar traits in the actor gone
    >> wild.
    >> On 1/07/04, Fed up with the Caoimhin's of the world wrote:
    >>> I have spent the last six months searching the internet
    >>> (and other sources)to gain information on "toxic mold". I
    >>> have encountered several chat boards that address "toxic
    >>> mold". It seems Mr. Connell thinks it is his own
    >>> personnel mission to argue with anyone on the Internet
    >>> that believes in "toxic mold". I have found him on
    >>> several sites and each time he is saying that "we" are all
    >>> wrong and he is right. I question someone's motives (and
    >>> hidden agenda) who goes to such great lenghts.
    >>> Also, he must be an outcast in his own profession because
    >>> in September 2003, Industrial Hygentist's in the U.S.
    >>> ackowledged the existent of "toxic mold" and adopted
    >>> guidelines to deal with it.

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