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    Re: Re:Caoimhin A MUST KNOW

    Posted by jk on 3/26/04

    On 1/16/04, Fed up with the Caoimhin's of the world wrote:
    > On 1/08/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    >> Hhhmmmmm…..
    >> Connell does not have a degree in anything and he is not
    trained in the morphology or physiology of fungi or bacteria and
    he can only read lots of articles and pick out what he wants to
    present as his ideas. Much of what he writes is not based on fact
    and not published in accepted literature. He has never passed
    Daubert or Frye and the databases regarding toxic mold litigation
    never mentions him. Dr. Lipsey, a nationally known toxicologist
    from Jacksonville Florida, has 435 hits from all over the US.
    Connell is NOT an expert. He is paid defense "writer" w/o
    credentials or credibility.

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