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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold and flat earth

    Posted by ff on 1/24/04


    I think you have it backwards. The flat earth thinking, the
    earth as the center of the universe, is consistent with those
    that grab onto a concept without realizing they may not know
    everything (well, I've said it before, they gain comfort in
    what they know, but find discomfort in considering how much
    they do not know. It's understandable, to spend years
    learning, thinking you know, gaining confidence in what you
    know, and then to learn there's more to it, or worse, it was

    So who's going to change the scientific consensus as carved in
    stone by the "It ain't mold group" ? Better yet, if it's not
    so, then why hasn't it been changed.

    The answers lie in what typically drives, or funds, science.
    So, it's back to suppression bias. Conducting the science to
    prove that, for example, microbes have evolved, adapted,
    physically and biologically, due to changes in the
    environment, specifically man-made events, and as a result,
    people are getting sick, structures are rendered useless, of
    no value, and numerous entities face liability, would likely
    receive $0 funding from the corporations liable in such a case.

    That's not attractive to most, and certainly, who in the heck
    would want to fund such an effort? After all, creating
    miracles is what science should be about, you know, science
    and research that leads to good things, products that make our
    lives easier and produce profits. Now, that's exciting!

    Imagine a corporate scientist walking into the board meeting
    stating, WOW! look what my science shows, product X we have
    been manufacturing for years is killing people. This is
    proof, we must get it off the market, find the victims, give
    them the medical help needed to save lives...

    Anyway, Mary, it may be a fact of life we have to accept, but
    you do know better. When human health is at stake, the
    legitimate scientists try to solve the problem by finding
    out "what it is," and not "what it is not."

    > Well then I guess that says it all. And I'm thinking some
    > smart people used to say the same thing about the earth
    > being flat. And the sun orbited the earth. But, since you
    > are sure, then what else is left?
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 1/23/04, waldo lewis wrote:
    >> I came upon this website after searching for "mold
    > allergy". I can't quite figure out what all the messages are
    > about, but, I for one know first hand that toxid mold did me
    > in. I have a almost flat roof on my house and you can't see
    > it from below. To make a long story/short, the roof must
    > have been leaking for quite some time. By the time we found
    > it----By smelling the mold in the upper bedrooms (mildew
    > smell), it was too late to do anything about it ourselves.
    > We had mold remediation done to the whole wall in the back
    > of the house even going 8 feet into the ceiling. NOW, I am
    > effected by the morning paper, the car and even walking
    > throught the super markets.
    >> case closed..Waldo

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