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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold and flat earth ff

    Posted by waldo lewis on 1/28/04

    First of all, let me correct my spelling of toxic mold. Not toxid mold. I posted to try to find help for my present condition of being so sensitive to so many things. I have all the symptoms of all the tv commercials for "mold remediation" and the like. After the terrible experience of having the upper floor of my house ripped apart and my wife and I sleeping where ever we could for months downstairs. Her on a couch and me on a air mattress, I went to my GP and he had me go for a brain MRI to see if the ole brain was OK.
    Went to a allergist and found out that I am not allergic to anything?? That is mold spores, dander and the usual things that they test for, as far as he can tell. He went into great detail, however in explaining to me that I may have developed a sensitivity to formaldehyde. And then continued my education as to how many products have formaldehyde in them. Bedding, shirts, and of course particle board shelves and the like.

    To finish off this lengthy post, my GP then prescribed "Nasonex" for the nose and "Syrtec" as the antihistamine of choice.
    He also prescribed "Xanax" for the shakes that I get sometimes. All of this is helping, but just when I think I'm cured, the whole whirly feeling returns.

    Lastly, If there is no toxic mold what can we call this (thing) that has caused me such grief? Thanks for listening. Oh! one other problem. My 1997 auto gives me the same feeling, maybe all the formaldehyde.

    Waldo Lewis

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