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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by ff on 10/12/04

    hey Mary,

    Is Angie really Sharon, whatever happened to Sharon? Angie's
    comments seem harmless, while the references that concern me are
    the ones like get-a-piece-of-the-pie. I'm sure you can imagine
    having to explain that one?


    On 10/12/04, mary wrote:
    > Angie:
    > So, let me get this straight, you are insulted by the lack of
    > knowledge about mold on this board. Then why come here?
    > You suggest we get our evidence from a tv show? Geez.
    > So, 'toxic mold' can make people have mcs. What is 'toxic mold'?
    > What is mcs? We would really, really appreciate a clear, science
    > based definition. We await your wisdom.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 10/11/04, Angie wrote:
    >> Yea, some people used to believe the world was flat. Those are
    >> the same type of people that didn't believe that asbestos or
    >> lead could poison people. Now they don't look so good.
    >> I am very insulted by the lack of knowledge about toxic mold on
    >> this board. There is proof that mold can cause disease and
    >> health problems, including MCS. Many MCS patients develop MCS
    >> due to their mold exposure. Due to the fact that some people
    >> aren't willing to accept it, mold victims are having difficulty
    >> getting the medical treatment and legal representation that
    >> they need. Toxic mold makes people sick and can, as well as
    >> has, killed people. The episode of "Foresenic Files" on Court
    >> Tv that Waldo mentioned, showcased forensic proof of the affect
    >> the mold exposure had on that family. That episode can be
    >> purchased and previewed on the Court Tv website at:
    >> The episode is called "Breaking the Mold." This particular
    >> case has set a precedence for many other cases and state
    >> legislations.
    >> By the way, my healthy, athletic, active family of four was
    >> nearly killed by mold in our home. All of us, including my two
    >> beautiful, innocent children suffer severe chronic illness due
    >> to the long term exposure. I have MCS now. I did not have it
    >> prior to moving into our house. I developed it within 6 months
    >> of living there. Mold destroyed our lives and has challenged my
    >> children's future. Their education is now being affected by
    >> it. Mold is affecting our future generations, right now. We
    >> cannot sit back and ignore this any longer. If you don't
    >> believe it, instead of sitting there and criticizing, please
    >> take the time to research and educate yourself.
    >> H.R. 1268 "The Melina Bill" is currently being presented before
    >> congress to address mold issues the same way we address lead
    >> and asbestos. This of course, if passed, will affect
    >> leglislation on a national level, instead of a state level
    >> (like in the past.) Congressman John Conyers is sponsoring it.
    >> Read about H.R. 1268 on his website:
    >> Those medical and scientific professionals working with
    >> Congressman Conyers on this issue are providing hard proof to
    >> Congress of its existence. During National Mold Awareness Week
    >> in September, mold activists received a very positive response
    >> from Congress Representatives and staffers. The momentum is
    >> picking up for support of this bill. I'm sure you'll be
    >> hearing more and more about it in the coming months.
    >> Here is just some of the proof from the medical profession and
    >> forensic scientists out there. I'm also including reference
    >> sites for any inquiries you may have. Thank you.
    >> The book "Mold & Mycotoxins," by Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. is
    >> very thorough in presenting scientific facts to prove our point.
    >> I believe it to be the best book on this subject.
    >> ISBN: 0-916882-08-X
    >> Heldref Publications
    >> (Coalition lobbying Congress)
    >> (Leading Physician on this
    >> matter- many documented studies.)
    >> (Comprehensive, tried and true
    >> information from a mold victim and activist)
    >> (Physicians website that is also a
    >> mold victim)
    >> The fact is, mold can make people sick. The proof is now
    >> becoming more and more well documented and publically known. I
    >> can provide you with list after list of lawsuits that are being
    >> awarded to mold victims; some resulting in million+ dollar
    >> rewards. Even though the law is still vague on how to
    >> represent these victims, it will not be for much longer. The
    >> business of mold tort lawyers is booming. In my county alone
    >> there are 40+ active cases and hundreds in process. So if you
    >> are an attorney, it is in your best interest to educate
    >> yourself. If not to help innocent victims, than to build a
    >> lucrative business. If you want a piece of the "Moldy Pie," I
    >> suggest getting on board soon.

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