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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by mary on 10/12/04

    Hello Waldo:

    I'm not sure how you are posting, but it is really hard to read. Look
    at how it turned out.

    Well, I can be pretty sarcastic, and I like to use it on people that
    deserve it. This would be people who say things that are overtly
    stupid, make bold statements without basis, and basically use the
    argument of 'well you can't tell me any different, because I know'.

    On the other hand, look around a little more closely before you wack
    me too hard. And you know what, I'm willing to bet that you understand
    that 'toxic mold' is not a term of science, and that mcs is, so poorly
    defined as to be any thing and everything anyone wants it to be. Maybe
    this will change some day, maybe not. Time will tell.

    In the mean time, people would have more success if they didn't act so
    irrational. It works against them. It makes it likely that they will
    not be successful with there cases.

    Please keep in mind my dear friend Waldo, that this is the ToxLaw
    forum. We discuss litigation, not how to make friends. People should
    understand that this is a tough business. You can't sue someone
    without expecting them to defend themselves with all of the tools

    Best Regards,


    On 10/12/04, waldo lewis wrote:
    > On 10/12/04, mary wrote:
    >> Angie:So, let me get this straight, you are insulted by the lack
    ofknowledge about mold on this board. Then why come here?You suggest
    we get our evidence from a tv show? Geez.So, 'toxic mold' can make
    people have mcs. What is 'toxic mold'?What is mcs? We would really,
    really appreciate a clear, sciencebased definition. We await your
    wisdom.Best Regards,MaryOn 10/11/04, Angie wrote: > Yea, some people
    used to believe the world was flat. Those are > the same type of
    people that didn't believe that asbestos or > lead could poison
    people. Now they don't look so good.>> I am very insulted by the lack
    of knowledge about toxic mold on > this board. There is proof that
    mold can cause disease and > health problems, including MCS. Many MCS
    patients develop MCS > due to their mold exposure. Due to the fact
    that some people > aren't willing to accept it, mold victims are
    having difficulty > getting the medical treatment and legal
    representation that > they need. Toxic mold makes people sick and
    can, as well as > has, killed people. The episode of "Foresenic
    Files" on Court > Tv that Waldo mentioned, showcased forensic proof of
    the affect > the mold exposure had on that family. That episode can be
    > purchased and previewed on the Court Tv website at:>>>> The episode is
    called "Breaking the Mold." This particular > case has set a
    precedence for many other cases and state > legislations.>> By the
    way, my healthy, athletic, active family of four was > nearly killed
    by mold in our home. All of us, including my two > beautiful,
    innocent children suffer severe chronic illness due > to the long term
    exposure. I have MCS now. I did not have it > prior to moving into
    our house. I developed it within 6 months > of living there. Mold
    destroyed our lives and has challenged my > children's future. Their
    education is now being affected by > it. Mold is affecting our future
    generations, right now. We > cannot sit back and ignore this any
    longer. If you don't > believe it, instead of sitting there and
    criticizing, please > take the time to research and educate yourself.
    >> H.R. 1268 "The Melina Bill" is currently being presented before >
    congress to address mold issues the same way we address lead > and
    asbestos. This of course, if passed, will affect > leglislation on a
    national level, instead of a state level > (like in the past.)
    Congressman John Conyers is sponsoring it. > Read about H.R. 1268 on
    his website:>>>> Those medical
    and scientific professionals working with > Congressman Conyers on
    this issue are providing hard proof to > Congress of its existence.
    During National Mold Awareness Week > in September, mold activists
    received a very positive response > from Congress Representatives and
    staffers. The momentum is > picking up for support of this bill. I'm
    sure you'll be > hearing more and more about it in the coming
    months.>> Here is just some of the proof from the medical profession
    and > forensic scientists out there. I'm also including reference >
    sites for any inquiries you may have. Thank you.>>> The book "Mold &
    Mycotoxins," by Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. is > very thorough in
    presenting scientific facts to prove our point.> I believe it to be
    the best book on this subject.>> ISBN: 0-916882-08-X> Heldref
    Publications> > (Coalition lobbying
    Congress)>> (Leading Physician on
    this > matter- many documented studies.)>> >>
    (Comprehensive, tried and true > information from a mold victim and
    (Physicians website that is also a > mold victim)>> The fact is, mold
    can make people sick. The proof is now > becoming more and more well
    documented and publically known. I > can provide you with list after
    list of lawsuits that are being > awarded to mold victims; some
    resulting in million+ dollar > rewards. Even though the law is still
    vague on how to > represent these victims, it will not be for much
    longer. The > business of mold tort lawyers is booming. In my county
    alone > there are 40+ active cases and hundreds in process. So if you
    > are an attorney, it is in your best interest to educate > yourself.
    If not to help innocent victims, than to build a > lucrative
    business. If you want a piece of the "Moldy Pie," I > suggest
    getting on board soon.

    > On 10/12/04: Waldo wrote to mary...Everytime I read you, you come
    off sarcastic and all knowing. Not once did I sense that you were
    contributing to the well being of this forum. You have a shrewdness
    and mean spiritedness about your posting. I think that you may be a
    shill to discourage posting. AND You could include your email addy if
    you dare to. as you would say "Best Regards"

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