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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by ff on 10/14/04

    Angie -

    Sorry, but he is not a CDC scientist according to his letter. He is
    a former USDA/CDA CONTRACTOR. What kind of work did he do? What was
    he field of expertise? Did he actually work on science projects
    related to Mad Cow or mold?

    I am in agreement with his letter, however.b


    On 10/13/04, Angie wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > I thought I'd share this post that was sent to me back in June. It
    > was posted to a mold victim discussion board by a CDC Scientist. He
    > wanted to remain anonymous. Now, I know to many of you, that may
    > break his credibility in your mind, but I want you to consider the
    > possibility that these scientists and doctors may be receiving
    > pressure from insurance companies and other big entities to not
    > reveal their findings. I happen to know a doctor personally that
    > is fearful of sharing what he has found in his studies because his
    > practice has been threatened by some very powerful people. I know
    > you'll draw your own conclusion about this, but I'm passing it on
    > in case you're interested.
    > Subject: RE: Toxic Mold - Health issues from a global perspective
    > Posted On: June 27, 2004, 4:29 am EDT
    > Posted By: anonymous from CDC scientist
    > Comment:
    > Most people on this discussion appear to sound very credible,
    > despite the
    > misrepresentations of the journalists reporting of the NIM report
    > and lack of
    > evidence. For quite a sum of years, I have been hearing basically
    > the same
    > complaints stemming from people who have been exposed from the same
    > types of
    > fungi.
    > After reading the three hundred page report, I find it rather
    > suspicious
    > that the good people on this board (and the approximately 123,000
    > others
    > nationwide to date, as well) who have been reporting the same ill
    > effects and
    > symptoms of fungal infections, including neurological dysfunction
    > while unfound
    > evidence disputes these facts.
    > How quickly one forgets. This happened during the fifties
    > regarding
    > cigarettes and cancer despite thousands of documented reports of
    > cancer cases and
    > cancer related deaths among smokers, evidence was squelched for
    > years until it
    > could no longer be hidden from the public.
    > It is my opinion, not only as a scientist, but as a former CDC and
    > USDA
    > contractor, that this will be this mold issue will be the same type
    > of case. I
    > honestly don't think that the facts will be accurately reported
    > until
    > approximately 2025. The same applies to VSE; otherwise known as Mad
    > Cow Disease. There
    > is just too much money at stake that could impact the economy.
    > Meanwhile,
    > millions will die needlessly. That is all I can say at this time.
    > In the
    > meantime, if I were you I wouldn't eat beef and I would stay far
    > away from
    > water damaged buildings. I do not state this lightly. May God have
    > mercy on us
    > all.
    > On 10/12/04, mary wrote:
    >> Angie:
    >> So, let me get this straight, you are insulted by the lack of
    >> knowledge about mold on this board. Then why come here?
    >> You suggest we get our evidence from a tv show? Geez.
    >> So, 'toxic mold' can make people have mcs. What is 'toxic mold'?
    >> What is mcs? We would really, really appreciate a clear, science
    >> based definition. We await your wisdom.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary

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