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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by Angie on 10/14/04

    Thanks for the advice FF. I understand what you're saying, but those
    terms that you are telling me to drop are not my terms. They are those
    terms used to discredit me, and any of my concerns that I have voiced to
    nonbelievers. My using those terms was an attempt to help people see the
    stigma that is placed on victims and what emotional toll it takes on
    their psyche. This toll can often cripple their healing process. Their
    health is often very fragile and therefore vulnerable to depression and
    anxiety; often due to the lack of support and validation of their
    claims. That's what I was trying to get across. I know I'm not a
    hypochondriac, I know I'm not crazy. But some non-believers label
    victims this way. It's easy for the healthy, strong minded attorneys or
    other professionals to whom we are speaking, to not be able to understand
    that these people were not feable and mentally weak prior to their
    exposure. However the exposure does not just affect them physically, but
    also mentally. Having these stigmas, I mentioned above, placed on them,
    after they've already suffered such pain just prevents them from being
    able to heal.

    I do agree that if I were to be presenting this information in a court of
    law or in a more public setting, I would need to exude more confidence
    and appear more professional. I guess what I'm trying to say is
    these "terms" and stigma have tried to take that away from us.

    On 10/14/04, ff wrote:
    > Angie -
    > I think Mary gave you some good advice, and as far as the insults, you
    > should have been posting a year ago when the Wrath of Mary was common.
    > Basically, we/you may sound irrational, and we need to take a hard look
    > at that. If you want to prent the issue, I say drop phrases like get-a-
    > piece-of-the-pie, crazy, hypochondriac, i.e. present your case in a way
    > that gives credibility to what you say (I say this, realizing that I
    > may be an offender as well).
    > ff

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