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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by ff on 10/14/04


    Would it not be better to approach the lawyering on the basis
    that we all would like to see?: justice, ethics, pursuit of the
    truth? Do you want a strict/absolute get-a-piece-of-the-pie
    attorney? Say what you want, of course, I just threw it out there
    for you to accept or reject. Now, back to the board.


    On 10/11/04, Angie wrote:
    The business of mold tort lawyers is booming. In my county alone
    there are 40+ active cases and hundreds in process. So if you
    are an attorney, it is in your best interest to educate
    yourself. If not to help innocent victims, than to build a
    lucrative business. If you want a piece of the "Moldy Pie," I
    suggest getting on board soon.

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