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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by ff on 10/14/04

    Thanks Angie, you've made me think. Would the affected be better
    off to refer to the problem as biotoxin exposure or mycotoxin
    exposure, rather than toxid mold or black mold?


    On 10/14/04, ff wrote:
    > Angie
    > Would it not be better to approach the lawyering on the basis
    > that we all would like to see?: justice, ethics, pursuit of the
    > truth? Do you want a strict/absolute get-a-piece-of-the-pie
    > attorney? Say what you want, of course, I just threw it out there
    > for you to accept or reject. Now, back to the board.
    > ff
    > On 10/11/04, Angie wrote:
    > The business of mold tort lawyers is booming. In my county alone
    > there are 40+ active cases and hundreds in process. So if you
    > are an attorney, it is in your best interest to educate
    > yourself. If not to help innocent victims, than to build a
    > lucrative business. If you want a piece of the "Moldy Pie," I
    > suggest getting on board soon.

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