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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by Ave on 11/29/05

    On 11/25/05, jeanine moseley wrote:
    > Sorry, the first 2 post,s I did wrong and lost my first
    > letter .
    > so before trying again, I desided to read several post,s.
    > I,m not sure weather to laugh or cry. and yes, my spelling
    > is not good and I have problems with consentration. my
    > spelling was not great before I spent almost 8 years living
    > in toxic mold,and yes,I call it toxic mold,and I noticed that
    > the word (toxic mold) was used when describeing the homes in
    > new orleans. and I can see why people like insurance
    > company,s do not want to give it that name, but anyone who
    > has lived in it and has illnesses from it well agree it is
    > toxic. mabye someone can try to convince me otherwise, but
    > please save your breath, I,m not in the mood to hear it. I
    > came here looking for help, I went from a strong, healthy
    > person , to one that is ill constantly, to one extent or
    > another. I have , M.C.S. ,fibromyalgia, double vision,
    > caterax in one eye (from vaculitis, I believe), stomach
    > problems including diearria with blood, allergies, sinusitis,
    > asthma,post stress syndrome. before I got out of the moldy
    > home, It hurt to be touched,I had severe back pain and could
    > hardly walk because of infections in my back, I had night
    > sweats, day sweats, twitching in arms and legs, numbness, I
    > had a itchy, burning rash on my back, neck, arms and head,
    > all my hair was falling out, I could hardly breath,I could
    > not see,I did see black spots on a mostly white blurred
    > canvas, I threw up several times a day, diearria with blood,
    > several times a day, my memory tottally shot, my ears swelled
    > shut, sores in and under nose, throat was raw, and I could
    > list a few more things. the first three years of livng
    > there, I would have these symptoms, tottally at radome,
    > usually for 3 days at a time, mabye a good day or 2, than it
    > would come back. and around the first few weeks of april,
    > when its rainy here, I,d fell better, some symptoms were
    > severe at the beginning, some got worse with time. you
    > inhale mold sposes when mold is dry and becomes airborne,
    > while mold is wet, it is growing and not putting out spores,
    > therefore you have some relief. homes with carpet are bad
    > because mold spores love carpet, hardwood floors well help,
    > air test well vary, and I believe are useless to a point, if
    > done while mold is wet they may not show any reading at all,
    > if dry and windy, you will get a better reading, and
    > depending on how your house is build and the sorse causeing
    > the mold, and the types of mold, you may not see it or smell
    > it untill it,s to late and the damage is done. and I had
    > never even heard of toxic mold until I found out it was in my
    > home. there is a point where your body stops fighting and I
    > believe thats when toxic mold takes over and sticks you with
    > illnesses that can kill you if you dont get out. I wont call
    > myself a expert, I have much to learn, but I believe that
    > people who live threw this (like any new found illness)
    > should have experts at theri door, wanting to dignose them
    > and they should be able to get help for free, instead, it
    > appears that any treatment, dignoses, or any experts in this
    > area, want to charge a arm and a leg.
    > I can say that toxic molds,( and/or the mycotoxins they
    > produce) has ruined my life. I can,t even seem to funtion
    > well enough to put the effort into this letter that I should
    > or could. I came here to try to find help, for proof for my
    > lawsuit no. 1, because I have lost everything and it was not
    > my doing. no.2 to hopefully find a specialest that well take
    > medicare and medicaid, because I haven,t been able to work,
    > and this whole mess has ate my saveing,s.
    > thanks to my first lawyer, who said he did toxic mold cases,
    > but didn,t have a clue, I,m not sure that the medical reports
    > that I have well even stand up in court.
    > and what I do have, was gotton on my own, while my attorney
    > was doing nothing. he admitted at his bar hearing that I
    > was very ill. but he was to lazy or uncareing to try to
    > find me help. I have now been out of the toxic mold, 3
    > years, and have moved 5 times trying to find a apartment that
    > I can somewhat funtion in. I funtion by advoidence, because
    > Im sick of being misdignosed, givin medicines that make me
    > sicker, being poked and treated like I,m crazy, which, I
    > thought I was, before getting out of the death house. for
    > all you non believers, how can you explain the fact that I
    > thought I had lost my mind while in the mold home, and have
    > improved , sence getting out of it.
    > how can you explain why, I never had any allergies before
    > living in toxic mold and am now allergic to many, many
    > things. how do you explain why I used to be so healthy and
    > now I am not. How do you explain the fact,s that everyone one
    > that has been exposed, has certain illness that are more or
    > less severe, depending on what molds they were exposed to,
    > how long they were exposed and how heavy the mold was. how
    > do you explain that all the information collected so far, by
    > the few specialest,s out there, show the same symptoms and
    > illnesses. yet these people, dont even know each other. I
    > challange all you nonbelievers to come live in my moldy house
    > for 8 years and see if that changes your mind.

    Dear Jeanie and Anyone else who is interested:

    My daughter and I also lived in massively high amounts of all
    the TOXIC MOLDS. It was in the millions of spores per cubic
    square foot... We were EXTREMELY ill while living in this
    condo.8 7 years. We were shredded in litigation because I found
    those with the most money win....We lost everything.Never
    received comphensation due to my firm filing 2 weeks past
    statutes of time limitations. I can relate to how sick you are
    and were because I have been out of my mold for 7 years and
    still suffer nearly everyday. My daughter now 12...and I both
    have MCS...everytime we walk into an environment that has mold
    and or scents in it we get our symptoms back. I have been on
    meds off and on for 7 years. Mainly anti fungals...We have good
    days and bad...on the bad days we/I just have to take it easy.
    It has been hard to find a home or apartment that has not had
    high mold in it so we have moved frequently and left much
    behind. I was also a healthy, social,fit individual with a high
    IQ before exposure. Not so anymore. BUT..I have NEVER given up
    due to lack of MDS...neurons for not educating themselves on
    how to treat and test individuals ill from mold. It angers me
    to meet so many of them in CA and read about so many in our

    I have researched treaments in the alternative area as well as
    Westen medicine to cure or make my illness less than it is.
    LOL...What a job that is! Still I will never give up. I even
    bought an Infra red sauna that is used for detoxing metals in
    the brains of chemically injured individuals and autistic
    people. That's my newest attempt at feeling well. It's odd
    because regardless of the illness, on the exterioe I still look
    healthy. Most people would never know what my daughter and I go
    thru daily and do not care to know. Chin up...research
    lots...try unconventional therapy's...supplement...try B-12
    injections and lots of them. My memory seems to be better after
    7 years...I almost cried when I recovered some short term
    memory. Specially since the defenses NEURO MD..told me I would
    NEVER recover my memory!!! Because it was damged due to
    chemicals. Off the record of course..He liked me. Also try not
    to feel sorry for yourself. Be happy you are still alive!!!
    Enjoy your life as much as possible on your good days and
    strive to help others with the same illness you have when you
    are asked...Educate them..My best to you and I
    said ,,,been there ,,,done that and am still doing it!!! Hey my
    exposure was a concealment by the owners of a VERY LARGE
    CORP...all they had to do is say yes...your tests were
    toxic...move...they did not and my BABY...and I stayed....7
    years...they sold the complex...of course without revealing the
    damages...Lovely people huh? Hang in there all of you and stay
    away from the molds as much as you can. We have had to have
    EVERY home/apt tested when we have moved...You'd be shocked at
    how many places have had these fungi's. ALl but one and I have
    not tested...wonder why???

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