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    Re: MCS brought on by toxid mold

    Posted by Sue on 4/17/04

    On 1/23/04, waldo lewis wrote:
    NOW, I am effected by the morning paper, the car and even
    walking throught the super markets.
    > case closed..Waldo

    Ditto for me after working in two moldy schools. I think that
    the immune system goes whacky after the mold exposure - it
    can no longer function normally.

    The only solution I have found is to eliminate the noxious
    chemicals (printer's ink, formaldehyde imbued items, etc.,
    and of course, mold, too, by limiting my environment to that
    which I can control). There went a very good job. I have been
    home for many months. Now have trouble going into public,
    especially with perfumes and chemicals in store aisles. They
    make me physically ill.

    My friend and her family get seizures from chemicals and
    mold - they lived in a moldy home for ten years - it was
    hidden mold and didn't smell. Their immune systems are shot -
    that is very sad. Now, they are suffering and no doctor
    understands. They are in Southern Indiana and need an
    attorney for a recent chemical exposure to rug cleaning agent
    that landlord used.

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