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    Posted by mary on 2/03/04


    If you speak it then it must be true. It was foolish of us
    to doubt. We beg forgiveness. Thank you for your vast
    insight and supreme knowledge and for protecting us from

    Best Regards,


    On 2/02/04, Waldo Lewis wrote:
    > Court TV, on Feb. 1st had an expose on an insurance
    company. The family affected has formed a webpage and it is
    > ( Originally, I said
    in bold print "DON'T TELL ME THERE IS NO TOXIC MOLD". The
    family affected by MOLD follows: This family was in a
    wrangle with the insurance company for two years. The
    insurance co. would not let them start on remediation until
    they were through with their investigation. In the mean
    time, their little son got permanent scaring on his lungs
    and the father was put into a dysfunctional state of mind,
    mirroring the beginning stage of Alzheimers....They had to
    eventually move out of the house and leave everything
    behind. I'm sure that no one could tell that family that
    there is NO TOXIC MOLD. Their website tells it all.

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