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    Re: Pesticides in Workplace and employee safety

    Posted by johncodie on 2/26/04

    If I remember the breakdown in the legislation, and the laws
    concerning an individuals health and well being, it starts with
    the State's Department of Health, which is an agency
    established by the State Legislature. Federal Inspectors only
    get involved when there are products that are produced for
    Interstate Commerse. The State from where the pesticide is
    manufactured will be required to disclose emmissions to EPA
    regulation limits, and FTC labeling requirements. The State
    where pesticide is manufactured will have an in house nurse, or
    physician to monitor potential problems within the workforce.
    In the Nuclear Industry exposure to radiation is monitored for
    life time limits. As a part of the manufacture's liability
    instructions for usage has to be supplied with the EPA
    registration number if the product is controled. The
    Federal/State regulations is a paper trail from manufacture to
    applicator from plant to application, showing certification of
    the individuals handeling the material. Liability is passed
    over to the distributors, and the applicators to ensure the
    product is properly applied. If an individual is becoming sick
    at a court house from applications of a pesticide with
    residuals being left, I would call the health department to
    file a complaint against the company making the treatments.
    Although it would be difficult to evacuate a building for
    prolonged periods of time, it should be possible for the
    applicator to purchase portable ventilation equipment and vent
    the building after application for periods of low usage.

    I know of one occuance when a building was infested with
    termites that consumed an building during the season of flight,
    and consumed the desk of a woman that was expecting. The
    supervisor ran and got a can of roach, ant spray and proceeded
    to spray her desk down. The woman proceeded to pack her bags
    as she was made ill. She now teaches Math at the Junior High
    School. Upper levels of management can consult and make wise
    decisions and hire the right people that are aware of chemical
    sensitive individuals, or they can just do some of the dumbest

    On 2/17/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    > Hello Dr. S:
    > I posted a response to your request for info on the tox
    > board. You gat get to it by clicking on the link at the
    > bottom of this post.
    > Cheers,
    > Caoimhín

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