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    Re: mcs

    Posted by Susan on 4/17/04

    On 4/12/04, sherrie wrote:
    > I had MCS so bad it was hard to be around anyone life was
    > hell it's getting better

    Dear Sherrie,

    My friend, B., has a severe, very severe case of MCS due to
    repeated mold exposure and toxic rug cleaning slurry exposure
    (the rug was cleaned in the duplex next to theirs and not
    dried/ventilated - B.'s family already had a serious mold
    exposure and this re-exposure has them experiencing seizures,
    daily, for a month. They live in Southern Indiana and have
    been through hell for a month now, since the exposure.
    Landlord is the one who owned the rug company. It is like
    they have been poisoned. But no doctors seem to understand.
    They have tried going to three states and no luck. Detoxing
    doesn't seem possible - they are forming new allergies by the
    day. It has been terrible, involving multiple organs that
    swell and thyroid large, etc. What to do?


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