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    Re: Caoimhin

    Posted by Michelle on 4/18/04

    That true you need to be able to replicate a result for it to
    have validity and reliability. However, think of all of the
    experiments that flop and of course these flops build
    knowledge. I would expect a mold contaminated house causes
    illness, the problem is how do you prove it among a variety of
    confounding factors. I am new and have not read much of the
    posts and for sure compassion and respect are important. I
    would say every time you post a response back in disagreement
    with CC you become more clear on your position and better able
    to defend it. This is not possible if everyone is in
    agreement. Michelle

    On 4/17/04, johncodie wrote:
    > On 4/13/04, Michelle Grader wrote:
    >> I highly appreciate the comments of Caoimhin Connell .
    >> People never get anywhere when they are all in agreement
    >> with one another.
    > Scientist and other professionals do get very far when they
    > are in agreement with each other. They are able to take
    > bits of what they have learned and repeat the processes in
    > their labratories. Because of this ability for true
    > understanding of a science to be pushed forward, cures, and
    > inventions sometimes remain as a standard for up to a
    > hundred years the same design as it was first discovered.
    > Until recently has the Franklin lightning rod been changed
    > to more geometic shapes from the orignial spiked point. You
    > may appreciate CC and I read many of his post prior to ever
    > postings, and pushed his buttons on many occasions. We
    > could never find any common ground. Our family has been
    > house hunting and looked thru about forty homes, most of
    > which had stucco. One of the last home owners became irate
    > when we were a little late finding the home. He was
    > visiably mad when asked if it was ok to see the home. After
    > seeing another one, and checking back it was obvious why he
    > had closed up the upstairs. Our two children could smell
    > the mold coming from a certain section of the actic
    > upstairs. If it smells lick a mildewed sock/ stuck in
    > tennis shoe you forgot to clean-up (smell of house) it is
    > probably a bad idea to consider the home will clean up very
    > well. On the disclosures,,,,,no sign of mold in his mind.
    > And that is the way some people are. But for those
    > professionals that have to see the children, and adults
    > coming in for treatments that are immuno-compromised
    > knowledge rest heavily upon their minds. Although it can be
    > expensive it can be cleaned, or fixed. I never found an
    > common ground with cc, or found any compassion.
    > jc
    > He will not be citing any literature from
    >> the other side. The only time you cite your opponent is
    >> when you can knock them right down. There is much progress
    >> coming from this world from high strung debates and of
    >> course successful litigation.

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