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    Re: Access to Medical Care

    Posted by Rita on 4/22/04

    I know it would be difficult to accomodate an MCS/E.I
    individual, however they are some hospitals, in the New Jersey
    or abouts that has an entire floor for patients with E.I. Just
    off hand, for starters, I can visualize atleast, to begin
    with a separate waiting room, with a window that would
    actually open!; no carpeting--on a clean floor, no fragranced
    or toxic cleaning products used, no furniture polish, windex
    type glass cleaners, ofcourse no smoking, a large sign outside
    the door that would say, " Environmentally Ill Patinets Only",
    an activated carbon aircleaner with 3 or 4 types of filteration
    mediums (I use one in my "oasis" at home, some sort of barrier
    (I use a long piece of "Velux" blanket) under the door to
    prevent outside general waiting room air to seep in. An air
    cleaner of the same type in the general waiting room,(watch out
    for some ionizers, they emit ozone,which in some people
    exacerbates Astma), and some mellow music to calm our"panicky"

    Then, it would not be asking too much to have all medical
    personnel to refrain from using perfumes, heavy deodorants,
    hair sprays. I know this smacks of an affront to civil
    liberties, but you remember there was a time when smoking
    indoors was not an issue...

    Hospitals and Doctor's offices could consider using cleaning
    companies that would not use "cheap heavily deodorized"
    cleaning products. I realize sanitizing is crucial in medical
    environments, so this ofcourse should not be compromised,
    however, additional more powerful ventilation systems with
    appropriate pressure could be used. You know, most building
    are "sick", even as they make us so, because of inadequate
    ventilation and non-optimum HVAC systems.

    If, none of this is feasible, then at the least, a doctor's
    office or a hospital, could atleast create a "consulting" room,
    on the first floor, that has a separate ventilation system and
    is designated as above.

    Doctors, could then atleast consult with us, in these rooms,
    without us having to "beg" them. I had to do just that with my
    allergist and immunologist, who seeing my desperation was human
    and compassionate enough to to meet me at the entrance.
    Unorthodox, yes, but so true human.


    On 4/21/04, Mary wrote:
    > Rita:
    > What would an 'accomodated environment' be? Can you provide
    > specifications for it? Unless it can be defined, I think it
    > will be tough to provide.
    > Mary
    > On 4/21/04, Rita wrote:
    >> Hi fellow MCS sufferers.
    >> I tell you what gets me, over and above the fact that I
    >> have been totally disabled by MCS,is that the medical
    >> community: Doctors offices, labs and hospitals have no
    >> awareness of the needs of MCS Patients' for an accomodated
    >> environment. I find it impossible to overcome the hurdles
    >> of perfume filled waiting rooms, offices on high floors,
    >> no windows,cold air and in addtion medical personnel
    >> wearing hairsprays, perfumes etc. to access much needed
    >> medical services. What use is all this talk about ADA,
    >> recognizing Environmental Illness as a deficit requiring
    >> accomodation, when no one pays any attention to it?
    >> Especially medical personnel?

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