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    Post: Self Sufficiency

    Posted by Rita on 4/22/04

    Hello fellow MCS suffers,

    You know, I've been thinking and reading about how
    desparate are the people who want to take away the medical
    licences of the doctors who because of their true desire
    to heal, help and diagnose patients who have these
    symptoms, over and above the intimidation tactics of"
    certain officials." (See townsend letter to doctors and
    patients review." (on google)

    So, I have been seriously thinking that we, the E.I, must
    band together so that we do not have to continually
    humilate ourselves by begging for medical help, vocational
    rehab services and other benefits. I have been thinking of
    starting a not for profit foundation, whose funds would
    actually, directly go to assisting and supporting people
    with MCS and other forms of E.I. For example affordable
    ecologically safe homes, in non-polluted areas.

    Obviously, "they" are making it very difficult for us to
    live and provide for ourselves and our families. My life
    is led in isolation, what about you guys? A nice complex,
    with a some sort of a "canteen", a grocery store, a lake, a
    worship center/place, a library! would be nice, wouldn;t it>


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