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    Re: Hot tubs

    Posted by AVE on 11/29/05

    Heck LONNNNNNGGGG ago our Dr. Marinkovich told me to keep my daughter
    out of a public swimming pool. Considering she was such a fish and
    loved swimming everyday...I said I can't do that. He said well, if
    you can't... then make sure you swimm before 10:00AM in the morning,
    after the pool has been filtering all nightlong AND before everyone
    else gets in. I will not get into a jacuzzi and also have a filter on
    my showerhead and a ball hanging from my bath spout to get rid of the
    chlorine. Yes,,,I have done much research on the effects of chlorine
    on the body too. Particularly when one has MCS...the less we are
    exposed to of anykind of toxin, the better off we are.
    I have also learned that MANY doctors are completely void of any
    knowledge of chemical damages. My father happened to be a physician
    and I still have my doubts now after being treated for a disease I
    never had 5 years! I try to kill off fungi...detox...replenish...

    On 4/27/04, Betsy wrote:
    > On 4/27/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    >> Betsy,
    >> Inhaling any oxidizing chemicals whether it is chlorine (or some
    > Thanks for your response. Her Dr does not seem to want to
    > entertain the idea that it could be the bromine, so I am glad to
    > hear you think it is a viable possibility. Her Dr says I am
    > worring too much-of course I am- she is my daughter and is on 4
    > medications! We have no significant allergies and no asthma in
    > our family-she has never had a breathing problem before and is
    > otherwise very healthy. I am looking into alternatives to the
    > bromine- enzyme product and a copper ion product ?? More research
    > for me. Hopefully the bromine will be the answer with an easy
    > solution of no more tubbing. I don't want to mess with new
    > sanitizers until we get the answer on the bromine, which I guess
    > wil be when we wean her of the meds and see if it comes back. I
    > am keeping her out of the tub until then. Thanks again.

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