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    Re: Hot tubs

    Posted by DD on 11/30/05

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your daughter have a great holiday
    and New Year.

    I hesitate to offer advice because it sounds like you know what you are
    doing. A favorite book of mine is the "Prescription for Nutritional
    Healing" by Balch.

    Best to you,

    Deborah D.

    On 11/29/05, AVE wrote:
    > Heck LONNNNNNGGGG ago our Dr. Marinkovich told me to keep my daughter
    > out of a public swimming pool. Considering she was such a fish and
    > loved swimming everyday...I said I can't do that. He said well, if
    > you can't... then make sure you swimm before 10:00AM in the morning,
    > after the pool has been filtering all nightlong AND before everyone
    > else gets in. I will not get into a jacuzzi and also have a filter on
    > my showerhead and a ball hanging from my bath spout to get rid of the
    > chlorine. Yes,,,I have done much research on the effects of chlorine
    > on the body too. Particularly when one has MCS...the less we are
    > exposed to of anykind of toxin, the better off we are.
    > I have also learned that MANY doctors are completely void of any
    > knowledge of chemical damages. My father happened to be a physician
    > and I still have my doubts now after being treated for a disease I
    > never had 5 years! I try to kill off fungi...detox...replenish...
    > On 4/27/04, Betsy wrote:
    >> On 4/27/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    >>> Betsy,
    >>> Inhaling any oxidizing chemicals whether it is chlorine (or some
    >> Thanks for your response. Her Dr does not seem to want to
    >> entertain the idea that it could be the bromine, so I am glad to
    >> hear you think it is a viable possibility. Her Dr says I am
    >> worring too much-of course I am- she is my daughter and is on 4
    >> medications! We have no significant allergies and no asthma in
    >> our family-she has never had a breathing problem before and is
    >> otherwise very healthy. I am looking into alternatives to the
    >> bromine- enzyme product and a copper ion product ?? More research
    >> for me. Hopefully the bromine will be the answer with an easy
    >> solution of no more tubbing. I don't want to mess with new
    >> sanitizers until we get the answer on the bromine, which I guess
    >> wil be when we wean her of the meds and see if it comes back. I
    >> am keeping her out of the tub until then. Thanks again.

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