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    Re: Hot tubs

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 4/27/04


    Inhaling any oxidizing chemicals whether it is chlorine (or some
    form of), bromines, ozone, etc is guaranteed to cause problems
    for lung tissues. Look at OSHA's PELs for these oxidizing
    chemicals and compare them to solvents.

    Hot tubs are worse than pools since the water is heated and the
    chemicals are in the air with the steam. Also, the steam is fine
    water droplets which can be inhaled. this means the lungs are
    breathing water droplets and oxidizing chemicals when a hot tub
    is used. This means the lungs are slowly robbed of the oxygen
    the body needs (19.5% of normal air). This leads to slow
    anaphylaxis for people with respiratory problems even when they
    seem outwardly healthy.

    I had asthma at a very young age and fortunately outgrew it.
    There are situations that trigger a stuffy feeling in the lungs
    when exhaling. Indoor pools without good ventilation, hot tubs
    and steam rooms. I can only handle an indoor hot tub for 15 to
    30 minutes before it starts affecting my ability to exhale. I do
    not take any medications, my pulimonary function test is great,
    and I can run a mile under 10 minutes. I just have to avoid the
    situations that make me miserable.

    It is hard to replace oxidizing agents for public health. What
    else would you use to fight E. coli? They can increase
    ventilation rates to give some relief but, they can not stop
    using these oxidizing chemicals to fight what the showers don't
    remove. Maybe the air in the indoor pool should be tested to see
    if there is an oxygen deficiency due to displacement with pool
    vapors and lack of ventilation. I have never seen the lifeguards
    sample the air. Where would they fit the draegger tubes and
    plunger in the swimsuit pockets????????????????

    I wonder why anyone goes into a chemically treated pool without
    swim goggles. This seems very short-sighted on the part of the
    person slowly corroding their corneas.


    Greg Weatherman
    Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    Arlington VA 22202

    On 4/27/04, Betsy wrote:
    > Yes, i took her to the Dr. She had a bit of bronchitits-so he
    > has put her on advair 100/50, zrytec, singulair and albuterol
    > inhaler as needed. We are going to try and wean her off these
    > meds over the next few months and see how it goes. Meantime I
    > am keeping her out of the hot tub for the most part so I will
    > know if that had anything to do with it. I have seen a lot
    > about rashes and bromine but there are also quite a few cases
    > of bronchial irritations after too high levels of bromine in
    > hot tubs and quite a few articles on swimmers at indoor pools
    > having issues with bromine. I have a friend who's daughter
    > swims on a High School team and everytime they come inside and
    > swim indoors she gets similair symptoms and is put on
    > singulair and inhaler. Four girls on the team have gotten
    > inhalers as well since they have swam inside(bromine pool)
    > We also had gotten her a new comforter when this all started
    > that had an awful smell when we first opened it. That has
    > also been tucked away till we can figure out if these had
    > anything to do with it. The timing may be just a coincidence
    > or maybe it is a sensitivity to chemicals. I have an appt. in
    > the end of May with allergist immunologist to try and help
    > figure out what is happening. Thanks

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