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    Re: relocate

    Posted by robert christ on 7/08/08

    I'm on the east side of El Paso, Tx, in a home built camper I
    made for my pickup truck with no wood material. I recommend
    those who move out here to go to google maps and look at
    satilite views of the area your contemplating that way you can
    clearly see if their is any agriculture close to it. Most places
    are very close to agriculture (many times within blocks) which
    is extensive and follows the rivers out here which all go
    through or near major towns and cities like tucson, benson,
    wilcox, etc.
    The east side of el paso which is very dry is about 10 miles
    from the rio grande and clear of any of the surrounding agriculture.
    One other thing which is disappointing about all these areas is
    the dry weather makes for lot's of dust storms, to the point
    where you can't even see mountains in the background. I can't
    use air conditioners which is proving difficult for me. Many
    structures out here have mold and I am highly reactive to it. I
    try to do all my shopping at walmarts which always have the best
    maintanece on their air handling equipment.

    On 10/13/05, Linda Aulenti wrote:
    > I thought AZ would be a perfect place but..... someone told
    > me about their wide use of pesticides to keep the golf
    > courses green. Choose your property wisely, check the
    > downwinds. Quail Haven is a small community of EI people who
    > build safe houses. It is pretty remote. checkitout. Some
    > other gals in Oregon looking to do the same.

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