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    Re: acute mecury poisoning

    Posted by mary on 2/13/04


    When was the house destroyed? How long have you been out of it?

    Best Regards,


    On 2/13/04, Fred R Dressler wrote:
    > Mary-
    > thanks.. I was 9yrs old when my 13 yr old brother (not a high
    > school student), walked next door to the high school and
    > returned with it.. he died four years later of unrelated
    > causes.. I put it in my mouth..and spilled the entirety.. a
    > succession a catastrophic events pushed it from memory until..
    > being diagnosed 3 months ago with acute mercury poisoning.. I
    > had to think.."where have I been around mercury?", the memory
    > hit me like a ton of bricks.. I am now realizing just how many
    > people may be effected.. the house has since been destroyed by
    > fire... I wrote the school board to inform them of the event
    > but got no reply... I did so because I thought it may pose a
    > continued hazard due to it's close proximty..
    > On 2/13/04, mary wrote:
    >> Fred:
    >> Are you an owner of the property? Renter, guest? Parent of a
    >> participating child? Teacher at the school? Need some more
    >> facts. Are you potentially at fault? Why haven't you told
    >> anyone? This is a bad scenario, one that has been repeated a
    >> number of times.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary
    >> On 2/13/04, Fred R Dressler wrote:
    >>> A high science lab was "relieved" of a 1 lb..(16oz) flask
    >>> of pure liquid mercury, taken to a residence aproximately
    >>> 50 ft from school poperty, was drank by a 9 year old boy
    >>> and subsequently spilled throughout the second floor of
    >>> the two story, wood frame house.
    >>> Due to it's proximatey to the school it was very popular
    >>> with disinfranchised youth. over a decade the mercury
    >>> seeped though the floorboards of the second story,
    >>> directly above the kitchen area until eventually puddling
    >>> above, and leaking from the kitchen ceiling... for a
    >>> decade as many as fifty other individuals (kids)
    >>> were "rained" on by mercury... I'm 43 and have the
    >>> neurological motorskills of a man twice my age... is it
    >>> a "tort" case or a "class action"? considering the number
    >>> of people who are not yet aware of the problem... (I
    >>> haven't told them yet)...can anyone help me?...

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