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    Re: acute mecury poisoning

    Posted by Chebbaka on 3/21/04

    Mercury is one of the worst poisons known on the earth.

    If you swollow mercury it will react with acids destroying the lining
    of the stomach and causing ulceration and bleeding.

    Mercury is responsible for great majority of all illnesses from Gulf
    War Illness (thimerosal in vaccines),
    Addison's disease Gastritis
    Allergies Hypogonadism
    Alzheimer's' disease Hypothyroidism
    Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis Infertility
    Ankylosing spondylitis Insomnia
    Anorexia nervosa Irritable bowel syndrome
    Anxiety Juvenile arthritis
    Asthma Learning disabilities
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Lupus erythromatosus
    Autoimmune disease Manic depression
    Bipolar disorder Multiple chemical sensitivities
    Borderline personality disorder Multiple sclerosis
    Bulimia Myasthenia gravis
    Candidiasis Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    Chronic fatigue, Panic attacks
    Colitis, Parkinson's disease
    Crohn's disease Pervasive developmental disorder,
    Depression, Psychosis
    Endocrine disorders, Rheumatoid arthritis,
    Environmental illness Schizophrenia
    Fibromyalgia Sciatica,
    Carpal Tunel,
    Food allergies Sleep disorders
    Yeast syndrome
    Erectile Dysfunction Disorder,
    Alleged Oral Herpees,
    and misdiagnosed frequently if not always as alleged menopause.


    Effects of Mercury poisoning

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