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    Re: Opinion on Mold regulation/Health Dept. flees mold

    Posted by ff on 2/14/04

    Hey Johncodie:

    It was USA Medical Center. I do the know the case with the
    football player. He also had a fatty embolism (requires
    fracture of large bones, typically the femur as was my case and
    his as well). Although even the Lippincott Nursing Manual has a
    warning for embolisms in patients with fractures... Anyway, I'm
    not complaining. Also, one you may remember, Grace Kelly's
    accident led to a fatty embolism as well.

    One thing I can tell all, and this one goes to you, DD, I'd
    gladly choose to break every bone rather than suffer a toxic
    exposure, any day.

    It's unfortunate that we cannot see the toxic exposure as easy
    as you can traction and casts.

    Thanks for the message


    On 2/14/04, johncodie wrote:
    > On 2/14/04, ff wrote:
    >> Mr. Heindl:
    >> It is always a pleasure to see your posts: informative,
    >> mannerly, didn't you mention the southern gentleman
    >> upbringing from Mississippi to johncodie once?
    >> My opinion on mold regulation: of course these guys need to
    >> be regulated. I wanted to point your attention to an
    >> article which appeared in the Lake section of the Orlando
    >> Sentinel 02/13/04.: "Health Department flees mold."
    > Frank
    > The hospital that you were probably taken to during your
    > accident was insured by my previous insurance carrier. Some
    > of the problems you encountered claimed one of the Mississippi
    > State Football players life when he broke his leg while
    > playing the University of Florida. Can't image dying from a
    > broken leg, but it did happen. And the Jackie Sherrill that
    > continued to be emotionless,,,,,was brought to tears from the
    > sudden realizatoin of how uncertain our lives can be. When
    > reseaching my insurance company on it's history of bad faith,
    > I found that a death had occured in a minor surgery because
    > the heart rate of a patient was not identified as slow, and
    > the end result was the death by insufficient oxygen. The
    > negligence was discussed as needing to be covered. The
    > insurance company from the Atlanta Office was intent of that
    > being a death by natural causes. The plan would have worked
    > until a person in the emergency room had a concious moment and
    > relized if the truth got out, there would be a five year
    > penalty for perjury for each event. The insuance company paid
    > the bad faith claim, but was not repentful for the misdeed.
    > Do I have similar instances of the lying of the particpants in
    > my case? You bet I do! They all lie, and continue to lie.
    > So when you use the term Southern Gentlemen, limit it to a
    > social event. Mary would not wan't to feel she is limited
    > from running for political office because we treat her as an
    > unequal we put on a pedestal. Even with the plantiff attorny,
    > the bottom line is that check, for the client it is a home to
    > feel that they are not on the equal of living in a card box on
    > the side of the street.

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