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    Re: Express your opinion on Mold regulation

    Posted by Mary on 2/16/04

    Hello Phares:

    So, do I read this correctly? You recommend that potential
    customers check for the availability of liability insurance
    before checking their references and qualifications? Or have I
    got that goofed up?

    Best Regards,


    On 2/15/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    > On 2/13/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    >> ASTOR, Fla. -- A Central Florida woman is blaming toxic
    >> mold for stealing her health.
    >> To add to her woes, when a mold removal specialist showed
    >> up, the condition went from bad to worse, WESH NewsChannel
    >> 2 reported.
    >> Deborah Calloway, 43, lost part of her lung last year. Her
    >> doctors blame toxic mold.
    >> "[There was] never nothing wrong with me; perfect health. I
    >> was on the go 24-7," Calloway said.
    >> Contractor Micah Bass is working on Calloway's home to get
    >> rid of the mold. Another contractor botched the job, and
    >> that's the problem. Many people decide they know how to get
    >> rid of toxic mold, but Florida doesn't regulate the
    >> industry. Anyone can hang out a shingle and try to get a
    >> mold removal job. The risks are mounting.
    >> Altamonte Springs attorney Phares Heindl represents mold-
    >> affected clients. Because of a lack of state regulation,
    >> here's one safeguard to take.
    >> "One of the things you should look for if you're going to
    >> hire a mold remediatior. Do they have liability insurance?
    >> Because if they don't remediate the home right, someone's
    >> going to have to be held responsible for that," Heindl said.
    >> Those seeking mold removal can also protect themselves by
    >> calling the Better Business Bureau. When a company is
    >> located, references can be checked with past customers. The
    >> same company shouldn't be hired to inspect and remove mold.
    >> By keeping the inspector and removal specialist separate,
    >> experts said customers are more likely to get honest work.
    >> Alan and Deborah Calloway learned the hard way the price of
    >> an industry unregulated.
    >> To comment on this story, send an e-mail to Kathy Marsh.
    > So far 89&37; favor regulation.

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