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    Post: GW: Solving the problem

    Posted by ff on 2/15/04


    All the bickering makes little sense to me, neither do the
    attacks on you. From what I gather, you are making honest
    and successful attempts to remediate mold problems.

    You have referenced Dr. Shoemaker several times, and I
    knwo personally that his goal is to solve the problem.

    My question is, setting aside any debate about mold for a
    moment, have you had cases where clients were ill, mold
    was present, the site was remediated, and the clients
    returned to normal health.

    What bothers me most about Mr. Connell's approach, is a
    situation I will consider as an analogy to his methods and
    conclusions. Sulfonylurea herbicides (SU) for example,
    are known to be phytotoxic at concentrations below
    detectable levels (including chemical analytical and
    immunoassay). They cause damage, but cannot be detected.

    In short, I suspect similar problems with current methods
    employed by Mr. Connell and others.

    In the SU situation, detection is accomplished through bio-
    assays using sensitive plant species. If you're efforts
    are successful, possibly the cause has been removed and
    the "sensitive" clients improve (although the actial
    toxin/s were not detected ising conventional methods.


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