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    Post: The rest of whose story, ff?

    Posted by 4XFloor on 2/16/04

    Hey FF. What makes you think you are the watchdog of all
    knowledge and truth? You attack CC for anything he says
    but dont provide no back up for what you say. I've read a
    ton of your posts and you never provide no alternatives
    yourself all you do is presume what CC says but dont bother
    to pay attention to what he really says. Just like your
    crap about cyanobacteria - first you creat an argument that
    dont exist and then you presume what CC would have to say
    about it and then you say hes wrong when he aint even said
    sh*t about it! what kind of an argument is that? You're a
    freakin idiot. It dont take a genius to figure out that CC
    dont even read YOUR posts. Your pretty arrogant to think
    you have "the rest of the story" but have you ever been in
    an empty barn in a heavy rain? There's a sh*tload of noise
    coming out of an empty barn and when I read your posts I
    dont think you got a whole lot hay up stairs old boy if you
    get my drift. I think you like to say stuff like "There is
    a long way to go go
    in this, if for no other reason, microbes are constantly
    changing, evolving, mutating, populations shift..." but you
    don't really know what that means cause you never follow
    thru with the full thought so what do you mean by that
    (give me exact examples of why thats a problem) at least CC
    dont just f*rt in his hat like you do. He explains what he
    says and back it up while you just seem to f*rt cause you
    like the sound of your own voice. I dont se that your
    doing nothing to solve ANY problems old boy, your just
    spinning your wheels on this board cause nobody listens to
    you at home.

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