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    Re: The rest of whose story, hey 4XFloor

    Posted by ff on 2/16/04


    First, you are proof that I don't serve as a watchdog, or
    anyone else.

    There are so many contradictions and absurdities in your
    post that I don't know where to start. I think you missed
    the point about microbes, changes, and cyanobacteria as an
    example of microbial problems that scientists denied, based
    on their "consensus," and not are finding they are wrong.

    If you had read the posts, you shold be wondering why the
    questions I have asked remain unanswered. Start with the
    paints, coatings, and other building materials, ag land as
    breeding facilities. Consider the antimicrobials
    incorporated into these materials, to control the very
    organisms/populations which colonize and bloom, on these
    treated materials, when adequate moisture is added.

    (Are we providing the ideal habitat for the problematic

    This is not a novel concept. Recognize the resistance
    problems in pharmaceuticals (many of the anti-microbials in
    ag, and in paints..., are essentially the same compound.

    Someone just referenced the Hanta Virus in response to Mr.
    Connell's empty mouse trap analogy, as now being found in
    the US (simply an example of things changing).

    But one of the biggest points you miss, obviously by your
    statement that I think I am the watchdog of all knowledge
    and truth, is that how would you know what is true and what
    is not? It is not about being a watchdog, but about having
    gained by way of experience...

    I've witnessed scientists screwing up, learning new things
    that contradicted "old knowledge," and they were quite
    arrogant about it before they found out they were wron
    (sound familiar?). I have experienced the effects of
    suppression bias. This mold issue, has all the appearances
    of another learning experience for scientists, and if so, I
    hope you won't be too disappointed.

    Lastly, what's wrong with solving the problem? Has your
    idol done that?

    And that's the rest of the story YOUR Paul Harvey story
    didn't tell.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your criticism although a little
    rough around the edges, but that's simply an indicator.


    On 2/16/04, 4XFloor wrote:
    > Hey FF. What makes you think you are the watchdog of all
    > knowledge and truth? You attack CC for anything he says
    > but dont provide no back up for what you say. I've read a
    > ton of your posts and you never provide no alternatives
    > yourself all you do is presume what CC says but dont
    > to pay attention to what he really says. Just like your
    > crap about cyanobacteria - first you creat an argument
    > dont exist and then you presume what CC would have to say
    > about it and then you say hes wrong when he aint even said
    > sh*t about it! what kind of an argument is that? You're a
    > freakin idiot. It dont take a genius to figure out that
    > dont even read YOUR posts. Your pretty arrogant to think
    > you have "the rest of the story" but have you ever been in
    > an empty barn in a heavy rain? There's a sh*tload of
    > coming out of an empty barn and when I read your posts I
    > dont think you got a whole lot hay up stairs old boy if
    > get my drift. I think you like to say stuff like "There
    > a long way to go go
    > in this, if for no other reason, microbes are constantly
    > changing, evolving, mutating, populations shift..." but
    > don't really know what that means cause you never follow
    > thru with the full thought so what do you mean by that
    > (give me exact examples of why thats a problem) at least
    > dont just f*rt in his hat like you do. He explains what
    > says and back it up while you just seem to f*rt cause you
    > like the sound of your own voice. I dont se that your
    > doing nothing to solve ANY problems old boy, your just
    > spinning your wheels on this board cause nobody listens to
    > you at home.

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