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    Re: The rest of whose story, ff?

    Posted by johncodie on 2/17/04

    On 2/17/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    > Good morning, 4Xfloor-
    > You are also correct about the fact that I don’t read posts
    > by several board frequenters like “ff” or “DD” or Mr. Codie
    > (who must be one of the most bitter, broken-down and hate
    > filled men I have encountered in recent years).

    Found a fox in the hen house and need to let everyone that
    considers putting $125 dollars in your hands know what a truly
    waste of hard earned money that would be.

    Once someone
    > demonstrates that they lack intellectual honesty, and post to
    > merely vent their personal hatred devoid of any constructive
    > information germane to the board, I just ignore them.

    You are the Joe Newman of Toxic mold and everyone needs to know
    your motivation.

    > Codie is an unemployed engineer

    Wrong am working every day.

    – not too surprising since whenever he has tried to dabble in
    technical issues on this board he has invariable been
    completely wrong

    Wrong again, with the help of others have tracked you and your
    employer down, and proved you out to be the fraud that you
    are. The reason you are depending on this board so much is you
    desparately need the work.

    – it would be
    > very difficult to keep a job when you are an almost always
    > wrong engineer!)

    Wrong again, type of engineer that would have the space suttle
    continue to be in orbit. Right engineer because I prove my
    theories using different methods. And yes by the way I am a
    toxic mold survivor and won! Got rid of all the mold, and got
    the insurance company to belley up and pay their damages.

    > The truth of the matter is that none of my detractors on this
    > board are actually trained in or experienced in (or indeed
    > have much information in) the subject matter they try to
    > pursue on this board.

    Again Mr. Connell has not learned on the job training. When
    you live it for seven years, you get a gest for how the game is

    You used a rather appropriate
    > colloquialism to describe the substance of their technical
    > opinions. A while back, we used to have other real experts
    > on this board, Dr. Corrbett, Dr. Doggett, Dr. Sudakin, a
    > couple of real tox professors (not phony Tox PhDs), but,
    > like me, they provided sound and scientifically valid
    > objective information and so, like me, they were incessantly
    > and viciously attacked by the usual goofs like Haney,
    > Weatherman, DD, Phares and the like and they eventually
    > stopped posting. Pity.

    Yes Pity, they went on to post at professional board they are
    members of professinoal societies of which you are not
    qualified to join, and left with the warth of the victms.
    > In any event, if you would like to pose questions or pursue
    > additional information, but don’t want to have to deal with
    > the personal attacks, feel free to contact me via email.

    By all means take it off line. Do you put on a different hat
    in the mirror when you talk to yourself Connell.

    > Cheers,
    > Caoimhín P. Connell
    > (The opinions expressed here are exclusively my
    > personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my
    > professional opinion, opinion of my employer, peers, or
    > professional affiliates. The above post is for information
    > only and does not reflect professional advice and is not
    > intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)
    > AMDG

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