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    Re: The rest of whose story, ff?

    Posted by ff on 2/17/04

    4XFloor, CC, et al:

    There's no uncertainty about it, and pretty silly that CC
    refers to it -CYANOBACTERIA- as silly. CC just gave his
    opinion on it, and it's obviously wrong. In fact, although CC
    does have considerable knowledge, he needs to listen. A good
    mind is a terrible thing to waste, the cyanobacteria
    conclusion/opinion by CC is such an example.


    Well, you could start with a cyanobacteria search on google as
    Mary suggested, or if you want to jump into the middle, I
    suppose you go hit a few agency groups such as Florida's
    Harmful Algal Bloom Task Force, The Harris Chain of Lakes
    Restoration Council, on up to the WHO.

    I am surprised that Mr. Connell is not up to speed on an
    obvious microbial disaster.

    Mr. Connell, regarding microbes, changes, resistance, etc.,
    what research have you performed to answer the question as to
    whether paints and materials containing anti-microbial
    compounds, actually promote growth in now resistant
    populations when adequate moisture is available?

    This should be an easy one to get up to speed on as well. As
    stated earlier, these are not novel concepts, just typically
    ignored in Mr. Connell's field. Resistance and dominance in
    microbes following exposure to anti-microbials, antibiotics,
    etc., are realities.

    Mr. Connell, you can shift the focus by copping an anti-
    Connell, they-don't-like-me stance, but, Mr. Connell, that is
    simply not the case. I would be pleased to help you in any
    way I can. I don't have to win arguments, that's not
    important. I see you as someone that could, given slight
    changes, make a significant contribution. There's no need to
    feel you are not liked just because someone does not agree
    with you. Not the case here.


    On 2/17/04, Caoimhín P. Connell wrote:
    > Good morning, 4Xfloor-
    > I read ff’s cyanobacteria post that you referred to in your
    post and it
    > is an excellent case in point - it is exactly the sort of
    > silliness that has become his hallmark. First he creates in
    > his mind a problem, cyanobacteria, (which is obviously a
    > mystery bug to ff) and then he creates an opinion for me
    > he feels I would have on the subject matter, and then he
    > criticizes me for having that opinion … hee hee… sure fire
    > way to win an argument.
    > In truth, ff likes to make statements concerning uncertainty
    > because

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