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    Re: CC=MOld contaminatedJousting 4X FloorJoist?

    Posted by ff on 2/18/04


    I'm still new, distant, and lacking in board fluency. I
    appreciate your observation/perspective and believe that the
    bucolic (Thanks Greg) Jousting Mold Contaminted 4XFloor Joist, is
    in fact CC. Maybe he can sleep at night and cut himself loose
    when he ID's himself on the stand?


    On 2/18/04, johncodie wrote:
    > I feel another CC post to himself coming on with another glowing
    > response. Mary, and Mr. Connell you know that Washington D.C.
    > a brutal town for politics. You must know for a contractor to
    > survive they must be very good. Thats one of the things I
    > up when disagreeing with Greg. I found he had enough of the
    > basics to make the right decisions, and smart enough to ask the
    > area experts to express their opinions. He is able to establish
    > a successful working relationship.
    > I went to the ABET site to review the groups and found the
    > industrial hygine group as having ABET affiliations. I did a
    > search on the site to see Colorado Experts in "mold". I found a
    > site where Mary Ann Crowley was earlier identifed, with CC, but
    > found as you can see Mr. CC is no longer associated with the
    > group.
    > Consequental, mistake, insignificant, don't let me be the
    > judge. I have seen his, CC patern, for a number of months, and
    > his posting to himself. I felt the deception needed to be
    > pointed out. If you would like to continue to be a part of the
    > perception, Mary, by all means continue.
    > Any individual that is charged with the public safety, fireman,
    > policeman, etc. can be certified by the court as a expert
    > witness. The question remains if CC will just go away, and let
    > the previous professionals return to bring thier knowlege to a
    > laymans level of understanding.
    > CC use to listed as an expert. Where did he go?
    > 3. Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc. (C&IH) B
    > 10201 West 43rd Ave.,,, Suite 201
    > Wheat Ridge , CO 80033
    > Tel: 303-420-8242
    > 800 #: 800-420-9311
    > Fax: 303-431-4602
    > Email:
    > Website:
    > Services Offered by this Location:
    > Asbestos ; Biological Monitoring ; Ergonomics ; Indoor Air
    > Quality ; IH Chemistry ; Hearing Conservation/Noise Control ;
    > Radiological Control ; Respiratory Protection/PPE ; Toxicology ;
    > Ventilation ; Training/Instruction ; Safety Specialist ; Expert
    > Witness ; Comprehensive IH Practice ; Environmental Practice ;
    > Lead ; Computer Software/Information Services ; Mold ;
    > Management/Audits/OSHA Compliance
    > Location Contacts:
    > James Rasmuson, PhD., CIH, DABT (D) ; Robert Strode, MS, CIH
    > (D) ; Mary Kay Crowley, MS, CIH (D) ; Eric Rasmuson, MS (F) ;
    > Dalmon Larson, PhD, DABT
    > On 2/17/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    >> but,
    >> like me, they provided sound and scientifically valid
    >> objective information and so, like me, they were incessantly
    >> and viciously attacked by the usual goofs like Haney,
    >> Weatherman, DD, Phares and the like and they eventually
    >> stopped posting. Pity.
    >> ______________________________________________________
    >> Thanks for the kind comment above, Connell. I was beginning
    >> to feel a little left out. It is a compliment to get bashed by
    >> somone like you.
    >> If truth be told, however, some professionals have left this
    >> forum not because of the folks you trashed above, but because
    >> of your contentious rant and malicious slander.

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