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    Re: The rest of whose story, Yo JC

    Posted by Mary on 2/18/04

    Hi JC:

    You know, we talked about this Mary Crowley thing before. I am not
    her and she is not me. And we are not us, I suppose, but that
    seems complicated. I'm kind of curious where Connell is now as
    well. Let's ask him:

    Hey Connell, where you working now? With someone, on your own,

    I think DC is an odd place for consultants. Beltway Bandit comes
    to mind, but I don't think Greg's firm falls into that group. You
    need to be real big for that. You know, have a serious ability to
    spend huge amounts of tax payer money on crazy projects. This
    usually takes a very large staff. But, I digress.

    Best Regards,


    On 2/18/04, johncodie wrote:
    > I feel another CC post to himself coming on with another glowing
    > response. Mary, and Mr. Connell you know that Washington D.C.
    > a brutal town for politics. You must know for a contractor to
    > survive they must be very good. Thats one of the things I
    > up when disagreeing with Greg. I found he had enough of the
    > basics to make the right decisions, and smart enough to ask the
    > area experts to express their opinions. He is able to establish
    > a successful working relationship.
    > I went to the ABET site to review the groups and found the
    > industrial hygine group as having ABET affiliations. I did a
    > search on the site to see Colorado Experts in "mold". I found a
    > site where Mary Ann Crowley was earlier identifed, with CC, but
    > found as you can see Mr. CC is no longer associated with the
    > group.
    > Consequental, mistake, insignificant, don't let me be the
    > judge. I have seen his, CC patern, for a number of months, and
    > his posting to himself. I felt the deception needed to be
    > pointed out. If you would like to continue to be a part of the
    > perception, Mary, by all means continue.
    > Any individual that is charged with the public safety, fireman,
    > policeman, etc. can be certified by the court as a expert
    > witness. The question remains if CC will just go away, and let
    > the previous professionals return to bring thier knowlege to a
    > laymans level of understanding.
    > CC use to listed as an expert. Where did he go?
    > 3. Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc. (C&IH) B
    > 10201 West 43rd Ave.,,, Suite 201
    > Wheat Ridge , CO 80033
    > Tel: 303-420-8242
    > 800 #: 800-420-9311
    > Fax: 303-431-4602
    > Email:
    > Website:
    > Services Offered by this Location:
    > Asbestos ; Biological Monitoring ; Ergonomics ; Indoor Air
    > Quality ; IH Chemistry ; Hearing Conservation/Noise Control ;
    > Radiological Control ; Respiratory Protection/PPE ; Toxicology ;
    > Ventilation ; Training/Instruction ; Safety Specialist ; Expert
    > Witness ; Comprehensive IH Practice ; Environmental Practice ;
    > Lead ; Computer Software/Information Services ; Mold ;
    > Management/Audits/OSHA Compliance
    > Location Contacts:
    > James Rasmuson, PhD., CIH, DABT (D) ; Robert Strode, MS, CIH
    > (D) ; Mary Kay Crowley, MS, CIH (D) ; Eric Rasmuson, MS (F) ;
    > Dalmon Larson, PhD, DABT
    > On 2/17/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    >> but,
    >> like me, they provided sound and scientifically valid
    >> objective information and so, like me, they were incessantly
    >> and viciously attacked by the usual goofs like Haney,
    >> Weatherman, DD, Phares and the like and they eventually
    >> stopped posting. Pity.
    >> ______________________________________________________
    >> Thanks for the kind comment above, Connell. I was beginning
    >> to feel a little left out. It is a compliment to get bashed by
    >> somone like you.
    >> If truth be told, however, some professionals have left this
    >> forum not because of the folks you trashed above, but because
    >> of your contentious rant and malicious slander.

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