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    Re: The rest of whose story, Yo JC

    Posted by johncodie on 2/18/04

    On 2/18/04, Mary wrote:
    > Hi JC:
    > You know, we talked about this Mary Crowley thing before. I am not
    > her and she is not me. And we are not us, I suppose, but that
    > seems complicated. I'm kind of curious where Connell is now as
    > well. Let's ask him:
    > Hey Connell, where you working now? With someone, on your own,
    > what?
    > I think DC is an odd place for consultants. Beltway Bandit comes
    > to mind, but I don't think Greg's firm falls into that group. You
    > need to be real big for that. You know, have a serious ability to
    > spend huge amounts of tax payer money on crazy projects. This
    > usually takes a very large staff. But, I digress.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    >You don't to have to be that big of an operation Mary, just have
    connections, and be able to borrow large amounts of money. You can
    see our present Governor was just recently one of the most successful
    lobyist in the City. So there is no problem for a boy from the
    Mississippi Delta getting in to see the president. Why do you doubt
    the capabilities of a individual that is willing to work for his
    living. There are plenty of them that do pretty good not doing

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